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david17 06-09-2011 10:30 AM

Question about FB insulating board
I am just starting to build an oven using the Pompeii plans that I downloaded from Forno Bravo. I am pouring the hearth this weekend and I want to use the FB board for the floor insulation. From what I can tell, the floor of the oven and the first course of blocks (soldier course I believe) goes directly on the FB board. How strong is that FB board? It seems that the combined weight of the bricks would over time compress the FB board; or am I just working real hard to find something to worry about (something I accuse my wife of doing all the time..:eek:).

Also, I am still undecided between the 36' and the 42 " oven. Any insight would be appreciated. There are three of us and I do not anticipate ever putting a large amount of items in the oven at a time.

Has anyone ever been to the Forno Bravo store in Marina? Is it worth the trip? I am about 2 hours north in Brentwood.

Mike D 06-09-2011 07:47 PM

Re: Question about FB insulating board
-The Board is really strong. I don't think it compresses at all. You can cut it with a normal saw and you can rub it off on the sides but I don't think you need to worry about compression.
-As for the size you want to do, it depends on how may people you are planing on having over for pizza. A smaller oven will only let you put 2-3 pizza's in at a time. But the only need to be in there for a few minutes anyway. A bigger oven will let you cook anything you want in it but it takes longer to heat up and more wood to keep it going. It might all depend on how much space you have as well.


Les 06-09-2011 08:25 PM

Re: Question about FB insulating board

Small world. I grew up in Bella Vista, W. Pittsburg, and now it's called Bay Point. Back to point, The board will support the build. I posted a pic of my 3/4 ton truck on top of it a while back. It's a good product. In regard to size, bigger is better. Sometimes, when I have a few dishes in there, I wish it were 20 feet. ;) The amount of fuel difference is small between the two sizes you mention. I've been to Marina two years running. Are you considering buying one of FB's kits? James has them all there to check out.

Mike D 06-09-2011 08:31 PM

Re: Question about FB insulating board
Yes go to the show room, it's lots of fun as well as it will give you an idea how big a 42" oven looks like. It's hard to visualize until it all goes in.


david17 06-10-2011 01:51 PM

Re: Question about FB insulating board
Thanks for the replies. I really do appreciate the help. I am going to go down to Marina next Thursday and purchase some materials. I canít even imagine the cost of shipping mortar.

I want to see just how big the ovens end up being too. Itís kind of hard to picture without ever seeing one. I have all the space that I need for either oven, so that is not an issue; I just donít want to build way more than I need and then be sorry every time it takes too long to heat it up. The 36Ē is looking like the choice for me, but I am still not 100%.

I am going to try to pour the hearth tomorrow and start the dome next weekend. This forum has been invaluable for tips and help. Some of the projects that I have seen are WAY beyond my patience, ability and means, but they provide a great target to shoot for.

A question though, although the prices in the FB store seem very reasonable, and they give away tons of stuff for free, the oven kits seem to be more expensive than the sum of their parts. When I price out firebricks from my local source and add of FB stuff such as insulating boards, blankets and mortar, it adds up to less than the kit. Any idea why? I am not in any way knocking the company. they have been GREAT every time I have called, but am I missing something. The only thing that I can think of is the their firebricks are of better quality and variety and therefore more expensive.

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