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Default Re: Oven/Vent opening

Well, I have considered something similar, but you would need 3/4" tiles, then add mass once it is complete. The advantage would be in shipping and rapid assembly (It took less than 4 hours to build my vault for example).
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Default Re: Oven/Vent opening

I would imagine 3/4" thick (running bond) tiles the length of the vault x three layers and 2-3" of refractory mortar added would work. Think of how low and shallow an arch could be made! I wonder how the mortar between the tile layers would tolerate the thermal cycling?
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Default Re: Oven/Vent opening

I have some advice on building the vault wider than deeper John;DON'T! I first built my clay/ cob oven that way and found that I could not get it hot enough, AND the fire wouldn't start easily! Fortunately, since it's only clay, I filled in the opening and made a new one on the end, and the difference was dramatic! So, I guess the lesson is the vault has to allow for a circular air flow from the base of the opening through the fire mass and then back out the top if it's to build heat properly. (FYI, somewhere in this forum are pics of by build, along with a shot of the "old" opening filled in).
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Default Re: Oven/Vent opening

Thank you for your valuable input. I always wondered why vault builders didn't design a more 'user-friendly' footprint with cooking space on either side of a central fire. I guess this is precisely why.
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