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azpizzanut 11-30-2010 08:25 AM

Need help with stucco & vent
Hi All,

(I moved the thread to this new location)

The oven is nearly done and we've framed the outside with steel studs and Hardibacker board. It is the type used for bathrooms and wet areas. Could you recommend the steps for placing stucco on the backer board? Does it need primer, metal lath or chicken wire?

The enclosure has a peaked roof and looks somewhat like a childs play house. The sides are 52" x 60". It will have metal roofing. Is ventilation of the roof area necessary or can I close up the seams all around when I apply stucco? Just wondering if moisture could get trapped inside the enclosure and cause a problem. If a vent or two is necessary could you recommend the size and correct placement?


C5dad 11-30-2010 12:25 PM

Re: Need help with stucco & vent

I have seen another post like that in one of the other topic areas. I would check the Pompeii area or search for brick vent. My understanding is once cured, you do not need a vent. Plus, you dont want wildlife taking up residence ;-)

As for the lathe and everything, you will need chickenwire as a support - when my ICF house was built, the stucco went on the wire which provides support.


azpizzanut 12-03-2010 06:14 PM

Re: Need help with stucco & vent
Hi All,

Here's an update on my build. I hired a fellow to help me with the stucco work. It was an interesting experience to learn his technique and wipe on mortar with a trowel. It is finished with a sponge trowel to bring up a sandy surface, looks nice. Today I drilled holes in the top edge of the walls for press-in vents. The roof cap has open areas for ventilation too. I'm satisfied there will be good circulation. BTW. I used a bale and a half of mineral wool insulation (to fill voids) and 11.5 cu ft of perlite around the oven. This is in addition to a thick layer of perlcrete 7:1 around the dome. When the stucco has a few more days curing on it I will cover the walls with an elastomeric latex masonry paint. Then, It will be done. I've already had a few curing fires in the oven. I'll put the construction photos into a folder and post them soon.


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