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Default What is the cost of one 12 x 24 x 2.5 inch Refrac. tile?

(M) How much does one of those refractory tiles cost? ____

(M) Paul wrote, in part, "a skillsaw and hose oughta work"

(M) So, if they're expensive, I'd consider taking just one tile to a specialty tile house for cutting. We have one: "Eugene Tile and Marble" who have cut granite for me before. I would guess that Portland has such a place, too.


(M) David, would it be easy to submit another similar drawing for the tile lay-out, but for a 42" Pompeii? ____

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Default 42

it's not nearly as elegant for the 42 inch oven, mostly because you need a lot more brick edging, and the brick sizes don't line up with the tile edge. Also - I haven't measured one of these tiles. A lot of masonry products are undersized to allow for a mortar joint.

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the tiles are indeed available at HWR. they have all kinds of sizes. i believe the 12" x 24" is the biggest they have, and it's pricey ($30 a tile i believe). i considered using them for my floor, but the cost was considerably more per sq. foot. would definitely make a great floor though. and i'm pretty sure these are true measurements.
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