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Default Re: mobile oven-newbie question

Originally Posted by benny8 View Post
Just called my local block plant and they fireclay and castable refractory cement. The guy wasn't real helpful when I asked him how much a 50 lb bag would do. Normally a bag of cement will tell you how many cubic feet or yards it will do. If anyone has a ballpark guess at how many bags it should take would be appreciated.
Just be careful what you get. What is known as castable refractory is calcium aluminate cement mixed with high temperature aggregates, fire clay, fibres and who knows what else (they like to keep their recipes secret),all you need to do is add water. They are designed for applications in the region of three times the temperatures we fire to. The product is expensive. The calcium aluminate cement on its own, also expensive, relative to Portland (calcium silicate) cement and produced under different brand names, like Cement Fondu is a different to castable refractory.
The recipe I referred to does not contain calcium aluminate cement. If you want to create your own brew with calcium aluminate cement you are on your own. For instance adding lime to it simply accelerates the already rapid hydration process and makes the mix unworkable in anything more than extremely small quantities.
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Default Re: mobile oven-newbie question

I have decided to use David's recipe for the home brew. My brother and I figured out I need a little under 2 cubic feet. I found polypropylene fibers and stainless steel needles on ebay. Tomorrow I think I will toy around with making a couple molds for the dome and one for the opening and vent. I appreciate all the help. I will keep all posted.
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Default Re: mobile oven-newbie question

For you guys who have built ovens before, how much ceramic fiber blanket will a 50 sq. ft roll do? It says on the FB store to do 3 layers and one roll will do a 43" oven. It doesn't clarify if one roll will give you three layers over a 43" oven, or if one roll will cover a 43" oven once. Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get the ball rolling.
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Default Re: mobile oven-newbie question

Found a mold in the modular oven part of the forum by ironpony. Looks really good. I started laying it out today and my dad and I will start forming it up tomorrow. Going to be a fun build for us. We just lost my grandma(Dads mom) so this will be good for him to keep his mind occupied. I will post up some pics as we progress.
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