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Default Re: Metal lined

Folks who have gas and electric ovens buy pizza stones to put in the oven to cook their pizzas on. There are some manufactures in Germany who fabricate steel wood fired ovens, they to have a stone cooking floor. As Dmun pointed out you will be able to cook in it, but not for long periods. There is no thermal mass in the steel oven you propose, so there is no heat storage in the floor of the oven to really heat up and cook your pizza. Also the oven will not be able to cook roasts and casseroles because of the lack of heat storage. The last point is that brick ovens are self cleaning due to the heat generated within the oven a mild steel oven wont clean and will rust inside when not in use.

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Default Re: Metal lined

I appreciate your advice as I am 75% complete on this project I will complete it and if it does not work Iwill scrap it. I will let you know what happens
Thanks Paul
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Default Re: Metal lined

For a steel oven to work like a brick oven, we would need to match the thermal mass and the heating characteristics of the brick. Thermal mass is not the problem. Looking at the ratios of specific heats and specific gravities, you need about half the thickness of steel to match the thermal mass of fire brick. The place you run into trouble is the emissivity of the steel, which is only about .25, while brick is around .68 . You would have a lot less of your fires heat absorbing into the thermal mass and actually take longer to achieve target temperature.

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Default Re: Metal lined

There is a portable oven design I have seen that is using a kind of half and half true brick/metal oven. It is manufactured of seamless steel and has a two piece oven floor tile(I think, have not seen pictures inside). As far as I know it is just a double skinned oven like you speak of Paul. That might give you some of what you look for. Perhaps buy a circular oven floor from James here at FB to fit in the bottom of your oven. I think if you hold your tongue right you might be able to make some pretty good pizzas and possibly even some flatbreads. As far as hearth breads I don't think it would work as it most likely would not hold the heat very long.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing some pictures of the oven as well as the resulting culnary creations.
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