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Wink Re: The Meados Oven


Thanks for the advice. I'd already read something along these lines on the forum so last night after my fire I shoved a load of split logs in the oven and shut off the door with some left over fire bricks.

Tonights fire got started a lot quicker with the 'dried' logs. It was probably helped by the fact that I managed to get hold of some old wooden pallets from work which provided a lot of kindling!!

At last the oven really looked as I hoped it would with flames licking the roof. In some places the soot has started to burn off.

After me and my little helper had been stoking the fire for about 90 minutes my wife came home from work, cracked an egg in an old roasting tin and shoved it in the oven. A couple of minutes later there was a perfect fried egg - slapped it on a slice of toast (also done in the oven) and we had our first meal!!

Next was a couple of sausages - no photo''s of these as we'd ate them before I thought about photo's.

I'm going to have to sort out some lighting around the oven as cooking by torchlight, whilst fun, probably isn't the best way to go.

Anyway after the food I let the fire die down and shoved in more logs to dry for tomorrow's fire. There was lots of steam coming off the oven so I was hoping to leave it uncovered for a while to get rid of the moisture, unfortunately I've just had to rush outside and cover everything up as we're having a wintery shower.

Can't wait for tomorrow night when I can fire it up again - I must be one of those people that the Fire Brigade hate to see out on the loose!!

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