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Kemo 03-19-2007 06:40 AM

Introduction and Thanks

Im new here and will be building a pizza oven later this summer when my new place is ready.

I want to say thanks for posting and thanks to the host for hosting. This site contains a wealth of information on construction of pizza ovens.


nissanneill 04-09-2007 03:53 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
HI Kemo,
I'm in exactly the same situation as you and you have expressed my sentiments exactly. I have my plans ready for commencement after I complete my kit car and get my last daughter's wedding behind me.
The builing of an oven I saw as something relatively straight foreward but on searching through this extremely comprehensive site, many hurdles and important decissions must be made which take it all to the next level.
I have been researching this topic for a couple of months and even looking at making patterns for cast iron doors and frame for my oven. Something a little different for something special.
Thanks again for expressing my sentiments and will catch you within the forums in the future.


Xabia Jim 04-09-2007 10:59 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks

Neill, did I get your comment right? You are going to try and cast your own door? That would be an interesting project to see.


RTflorida 04-09-2007 11:05 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
several fellow Texans have either completed or are in the building stages here. Shouldn't have any problems making friends, getting ideas or expert advice. Really a great group.
Good luck with the project...remember - MANY PICTURES, please


Kemo 04-10-2007 08:06 AM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
Thanks for the warm welcome! I have talked my brother in-law into constructing a pizza oven which should start in the next couple weeks or so. He lives in the Houston area and I'll do my best to get over there and take some pics. He owns a masonry supply company and says he's got a unique plan for a styrofoam dome construction that can be easily removed after laying in the firebrick over the dome. I'm a computer guy and have never really done anything like this before. I am lucky that I will have a guy with his background to show me the ropes in person. We are going to construct a 42 inch oven just like the plans. I'll take what I learn from this project and apply that knowledge and experiences to the construction of my own in September or so.

I also found a Brick Foundry 30 minutes from Austin, in Elgin Texas, that sells firebrick for 25 cents a brick - pickup only. They call it B grade or something like that. Basically it has a chip or a flaw in the brick. Since the bricks will be cut in half, this should be no probelem. Ill pony up full price to purchase the firebrick for the hearth. This might be a great opportunity to keep the costs at a reasonable level. This company is also the supplier to ACME brick in the Austin area, so I feel fairly confident it's of decent quality.

I feel bad that I will be building the oven from scratch and not purchasing from the FornoBravo host. I will, however, buy all my accessories from here and will definitely spread the word of this site thruout the Texas Hill Country to make up for my selfishness ;)

Thanks again for all the support here and the advice, I cant wait to get moving on the project!


nissanneill 04-11-2007 04:20 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
Xabia Jim
I have done studies in patternmaking and foundry as a part of my professional teaching studies. Although I have only personally cast panels in aluminium, I have made patterns for a host of items from trophies and bender formers in cast iron, brass and bronze. These are cast at various foundries around Adelaide and interstate.
Once I have decided on my final oven door size and style, I will make a pattern for the frame and door(s) complete with decoration.
I am looking into including a thermometer and a window (double ceramic glazed) and also maybe hollow for insulation into the door(s).
It really isn't a problem to do, only understanding the principles and putting it into practice.
Finding a foundry that will produce the quality that you want is the problem, as most are faily low paid workers and don't really put in that extra effort to make a superior product.


dmun 04-11-2007 05:04 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
Be glad you have access to small scale iron foundries. They have almost disappeared from the US. We look forward to seeing your project.

nissanneill 04-11-2007 06:16 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
one of the larger cast iron foundries here in Adelaide was originally a government facility which was sold and privatised. Last time I went there to have some tube bending formers cast, a worker followed me out to my car and offered to cast more of these products for me, probably as a "foreignie" or private job. If you contact the people and explain what you want, how you have made the pattern(s) etc, they are quite prepared to include it into their production. If however, it is going to cause them grief, you get the short shift very quickly, but everyone that I used to date have offered to cast anything else that I want. Guess I'm providing them with what is right. As an further education lecturer, I also help them with the technology to improve their pattern making technology as I use printing letterpress and flexographic printing plate technology to produce the fine detail patterns. I actually introduced this technology into the industry here almost 30 years ago whilst undertaking my teaching degree, only the technology and new materials have made it simpler and quicker.


carioca 04-12-2007 08:57 PM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
Hi Neill,

we used to call these "foreign orders", and there were quite a few going through typesetting at the papers/mags I worked for 20 odd years ago!


nissanneill 04-13-2007 06:28 AM

Re: Introduction and Thanks
Hi Carioca
I know what you mean as I have been working in the Printing and Graphic Arts industry for the past 40+ years and teaching in it for over 30 years. They always get priority and usually higher quality, and I seem to always be busy with them.


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