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Default Re: igloo vs. gabled wall for oven in the tropics

Originally Posted by carloswlkr View Post
Back to the waterproofing, Dmunn, how is your rubber pond liner holding up? Has anyone else used a similar water barrier between the vermiculite / ceramic insulation and the finished surface?
Sorry, Carlos, I'm not the one with the pond liner. I don't remember reading about that.
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Default Re: igloo vs. gabled wall for oven in the tropics

I used a stone house type enclosure with a flat roof. To ensure it was dry I used a pond liner over the roof's durrock and under the decorative stone roof...perhaps that is what you read? It seems to be working (and is probably overkill) but I live in Colorado, not that much rain and no humidity...

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Default Re: igloo vs. gabled wall for oven in the tropics

Sorry, DMun. Your design is so unique, I'm not sure how I could have messed up. Yes, Drake, yours was the one. I've been reading so many threads lately, and both of yours stand out. Drake, the pictures of your finished, stone house are stellar, and are an inspiration to me. Our oven will be about 1/3 to 1/2 under our outdoor kitchen roof, but the rest exposed. My wife is wary of any kind of additional roof structure so the finished structure you made is of particular interest. But heavy rains are an everyday occurrence in the 'green' season.

Again, my apologies for the mistaken citation.

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Default Re: igloo vs. gabled wall for oven in the tropics

I believe paulages in Portland, OR also used a pondliner, with an herb garden (green roof) planted on top.

http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/8/po...ay-155-20.html (pompeii oven construction began today)

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