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keen cook 03-08-2010 08:40 AM

Help, overwhelmed by choice
I haven't yet built a new oven. I live in the UK. Shoudl I import from the US, what are the differences between say Valoriani ovens and Vitcas Pompei wood burning ovens and other ovens (apart from price)? For a newbie, it can be so overwhelming!

texassourdough 03-08-2010 11:33 AM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
If you check the dealers list for Forno Bravo they have a representative in the UK which would be a good place to get started. I am confident that they don't ship the ovens to the US and then back to the UK!

Good Luck!

james 03-08-2010 02:36 PM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
Hello Keen Cook,

Good news! FB UK has a full container of Forno Bravo ovens on route to the UK, so you can purchase a Casa2G, Giardino or Primavera in with local delivery. You can send that office email at info at fornobravo dot co dot uk.

I think the Casa2G ovens have a significant advantage over the typical red Italian oven for a number of reasons -- better refractory material (denser and more pure), better casting (interlocking dome), integrated vent, large firebrick tile floor, better and complete insulation and the chimney all come in the box.

This is one of my favorite slides:

Casa2G Series Features


keen cook 03-08-2010 02:49 PM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
Thanks for feed back. Do you know where I can find price list and info. I find the forno bravo website quite difficult to navigate to get the info I need !

james 03-08-2010 07:27 PM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
You can go to Forno Bravo UK | Italian Pizza Ovens in the UK. That shows what is available in the UK and there is a UK Price List and contact info.

marklewis 03-27-2010 11:58 PM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
I'm also a newbie and decided to build a very cheap cob/clay oven for about $100 US! I am learning much and will be better equipped to decide where and how big, etc. my permanent build will be. Perhaps you may want to give a cob oven a try unless your ready to plunk downt the bucks for a kit or completed oven. Forno Ovens look great and I appreciate their forum and various items for sale but I'm not ready for that yet. I am enjoying the clay oven build and look forward to it's soon completion. That's where it all started anyway: earthen ovens!

Check out my thread regarding my cob/clay oven build and good luck:

keen cook 03-28-2010 04:58 AM

Re: Help, overwhelmed by choice
I am too am not ready for the expensive route of forno bravo or other component parts.... I may regret this, but I think my first attempt will be to build my own, using materials bought from Vitcas in the UK (Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Vitcas) - I will have help from someone very experienced in building, who is also a foodie. We know the pitfals and the importance of certain key points so we are fairly confident that we can build an oven that will work at a fraction of the price..... I too am grateful to to Forno Bravos website... very, very helpful and I intent to buy my accessories from them.... and if my oven doesn't work... maybe their component parts one day!!!

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