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talisker63 03-09-2008 09:57 PM

Door Stuck!
I have to post this in the Newbie forum.

Finished the final coat on the render - all looks good. Took pictures, posted them in the pictures forum and then...

Tried to remove the door and I have not left enough gap to get it out :eek: :o

So it's out with the angle grinder and try and make the grinded (gound?) area not look so obvious.

Thinking I might paint the entry way and chimney with high temp black paint. The entry will go black with soot so I may as well make it consistant.

No pizza today :( total fie ban in place due to high risk of bush fires.

gjbingham 03-09-2008 10:19 PM

Re: Door Stuck!
You could get the door in but not out? Did you put it in after the oven was hot? Perhaps after cooling, the oven cooled and locked in the door as the brickwork cooled?

Mine is a tight fit. Sometimes, it's just a matter of getting the tip angle right to get it out. I think I'd pass on the paint - A few fires after grinding, your work should dissappear.

dmun 03-12-2008 07:26 PM

Re: Door Stuck!
That's wierd. Theoretically the metal door has a higher co-efficient of expansion than the masonry, so the door would shrink more on cooling than the arch.

gjbingham 03-12-2008 07:42 PM

Re: Door Stuck!
Hey talisker. Did you get that door out yet?

jeff 03-12-2008 09:34 PM

Re: Door Stuck!
Flamin doors, eh.
Why can't we simply post a sign - NO HEAT PAST THIS POINT.
My door thought it was Boss, until I realised that simultaneous crossing of eyes and toes (picture that, eh), would break the evil spell.

talisker63 03-12-2008 11:01 PM

Re: Door Stuck!
Actually it was "user error" I simply put too much render on the inside of the arch and made the hole just a bit too small to get the damn thing out!

1/4 inch of grinding and it now works like a charm.

Nothing to do with expansion - but now that you mention it I wonder if it will get stuck when I next fire the oven...

How much would a sheet metal door expand??

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