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Default Re: Cleaning Dome Mortar

Originally Posted by dent ford View Post
you can try muriatic acid, but you have to be careful, it etches
There is no way you should go inside the dome with acid. This would be a guaranteed way to scar your lungs, professionals use very expensive and exotic equipment when doing acid washes and I am sure you do not have everything needed to be safe.

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Default Re: Cleaning Dome Mortar

I got awfully concerned about the "unsightly stains" on the inside of my oven, even starting a similar thread on the subject of cleaning them off:

http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/m...cks-15963.html (Mortar Stains on Refractory Bricks)

I did spend some time laying on my back feeling claustaphobic inside my completed oven dome with a wire brush attachment on a power drill. After covering my hair, face and probably lungs with powdered mortar (and the odd chunk), I realised that despite the effectiveness of the technique, it really wasn't worth it.
My advice would be to not get too carried away and spoil the fun of the build worrying about such minor details. See what's left after your curing fires and if you you're still worried, then an hour with a wire brush will probably get rid of anything significant.

Good luck.

Currently building first oven with red brick base
FB plans plus Russell Jeavons book

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