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Default Re: Building Code Approval and Engineering

...and what's the wost that could happen? The oven bricks all fall into the oven hearth? Unless you're inside the oven, no one will get hurt. The engineer your using shoud be able to confirm that the heart is of suitable strenght to hold up the dome.
I suggest you print up 20 - 30 pics of successful domes and present them along with whatever engineering you come up with. They're obviously lost and worried that they might make a mistake. Never admit ignorance, huh?
Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

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Default Re: Building Code Approval and Engineering

I dunno if it'll help at all, but I just remembered a thread with this link in it (and actually found it again...!) George's idea sounds good, too. Good luck, and keep us informed on how it goes!

Auroville Earth Institute is a research, design and developing agency for vaulted structures, construction of various Vaults, Arches, Domes (VAD).
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Smile Re: Building Code Approval and Engineering


Thanks for the reply. Sorry to ask for "tech support" on a free plan. Tammy has been great also.

I think I have a path. My engineer and I came up with a way to band the first course of the dome and than a skim coat over that band with a cement/vermiculite mix of a couple inches. Than I can get "a stamp", and my county has covered themselves.

I will fire of pics and plans to the forum, when I have time. The oven is cool! It has two doors, one inside the building's kitchen and one outside on the terrace. It is a key feature to a new Tuscan home that I am building.

The mouths of the oven both have a flange that I plug with a metal/firebrick door, that cuts off the air to one of the two chimneys, and still provides thermal mass to the unused side.

It makes great pizza for our Friday Pizza & Beer after my guys work a long week on the house.


Andy Zuck
Hood River, OR
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