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heliman 02-04-2010 03:12 AM

New Flour & Other Toppings
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I bought a new bag of 12.5 kg Superb Bakers Flour (Allied Mills) today which I will be testing at the weekend. Protein is 11% and it has been recommended for use in making top quality pizzas.

Also got:

1 kg prawn meat - nice big prawns which will be great for a chiili prawn pizza (plenty of chillies in the garden at the moment)

1 kg bocconcini

2 kg grated mozarella cheese

All up came to around $56 at Variety Foods in Bayswater. Definitely worth visiting there if you are serious about pizzas. They have top quality ingredients. Address is:

Variety Foods
24 Munt Street
Bayswater WA 6053

Telephone: (08) 9471 9033
Fax: (08) 9471 9088

Also, I found some really good, meaty anchovies - not the regular scrawny ones - at Woolworths. I think they were about $4.50 for 156 grams.

A good days shopping was had...


scottz 04-09-2010 01:39 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Hey Rossco,
Went to Little Creatures on the weekend and had a good chat to the guys there about what flour they use. They dont go past Allied Mills!! So I have had a look around the supermarkets but cant seem to find any. I know Allied Mills is just up the road from my work in Freo (the Dingo Flour place on Stirling Highway). Do I need to go into them or is there other places thay sell the flour??? Also picked up some good tips from them in terms of pizza making too! They do pump out alot, we went on Easter Monday and the place was packed!!!


heliman 04-09-2010 07:00 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Hi Scott - good detective work to confirm the flour used by Creatures !!! Yes, that place is certainly a great place to go to for a pizza (and refreshments too). Did they mention which variety they used? I am sure it is baker's flour (it was when I chatted to a guy making pizzas a good few years ago).

I approached Allied some while ago to enquire about the availability of their flours and they pointed me to Ron at Allied Foods (see earlier post in this thread). A 12.5kg bag of Allied Superb Baker's flour is only $12.50 - way cheaper than stuff you buy like Defiance baker's flour at Woolies and Coles. If you can get to the Bayswater shop you will probably buy more than just the flour as they have lots of nice offerings there (though it is a warehouse so nothing displayed like in the supermarket).

scottz 04-09-2010 07:07 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Cheers Rossco,
I'm sure they use the bakers flour at LC's...and although their pizzas are good, I must say their Pale Ale is even better!!! I tried the Definace brand in my last cook and I must admit both my wife and myself thought the Blue Packet '00' pasta flour we where talking about awhile back tasted better....not sure why, but I am keen to try Allied flour. Will give Allied a buzz next week on my Rostered Week Off and see what they can do for me.


heliman 04-09-2010 04:25 PM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Interesting about your view on the 00 Scott - I guess its all down to personal preference.

When you go shopping, you may want to grab some durham/semolina. I have to say this adds a whole new dimension to the taste of the crust. I can see why Theo of Little Ceasars uses it in his recipe - as does Tony down at Ruocco's. I bought a 2kg bag from "All About Bread" to try, and got hooked. I will definitely be getting a big bag from Variety foods next week as I will be adding it to all my pizzas in future...

heliman 04-13-2010 04:24 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Popped into Variety Foods again today to buy some Baker's flour.

I have not seen such a great range of flours and baking supplies in one spot, and at such good prices and offering friendly service.

You do have to buy in bulk but bags of 12.5kg are perfect and you can use them up in a reasonable amount of time.

barney4069 09-06-2010 08:03 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
I ran out of Caputo this weekend. Can anyone suggest a flour that could fill in util I can reorder? My wife bought a flour at the local store and was it garbage!!!

Mapi 09-19-2010 07:34 AM

Re: New Flour & Other Toppings
Since the caputo has aprox 10% protein content, I think a mix of unbleached cake flour (KAF's has 9.4% protein content) and unbleached all-purpose flour (KAF's has 11.7% protein) should work. I would mix the same amounts of each of them. Hope it goes well!

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