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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

Has anybody made or tried Burrata? I had some fresh Burrata at a wine tasting a few months ago it was unbelievable. It's mozzarella filled with cream and mozzarella scraps.

Step-By-Step Guide to Making Burrata
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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

Looks pretty tasty!

I am still battling to make soft mozarella so I think this would be beyond my capabilities!!

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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

I've made mozzarella at home, both from the 30-minute recipe, and from the old fashioned, bacterially cultured, way-WAY-more-than-30-minute recipe. Bot have led to some very tasty, very authentic looking fresh mozzarella. But while they've sliced nicely and made for a killer caprese salad, I've always had trouble with them on pizza.

Stick them under the high heat, and instead of getting stringy and coating the pizza, they just burn on top, almost like a panir would. I believe this comes down to a combination of hydration and pH (fun fact: with cheese, EVERYTHING comes down to pH).

I've only ever attempted fresh moz. Since I've made peace with the fact that I actually prefer dry on my pizzas (one of many sacrilegious food positions I take), I should try to make a homemade dry moz and see how it compares.

Originally Posted by Chef View Post
skip the calcium chloride

home made butter is awesome as well!! you will find pockets of whey (or some liquid) in the finshed product but the taste is wonderful! Gotta blog about homemade butter..its SOOOO easy to make!!
The calcium chloride bolsters the calcium in the milk, helping the rennet work. It can be helpful if you've got marginal milk -- ~1/4 tsp per gallon can help to get a stronger curd formation. If you've got strong curds and no bits breaking off and dissolving/clouding up your whey, I wouldn't worry about it. In my experience, the 30 minute mozzarella sets so firmly it's not really an issue.

An aside, re: homemade butter. Unless you're going to use it real quick, wash it with cold water to get all the whey out. Keep pouring water over it and sort of kneading it (you can use the back of a spoon) until the water runs clear. Butter's very stable and long-lived, but the milk caught in it will go rancid, and your butter will go from sweet, to cultured, to really strong, to inedible, in short order.
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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

they just burn on top
Mako, Quite by accident,(I grabbed the curd instead of the finished mozz) I discovered that putting Mozzarella curd on the pizza instead of finished mozz will cook it and make it come out soft cheesy and sweet.... So now I just slice pieces of curd about 1/4 inch thick put it right on the pizza and it comes out great..
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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

Clever! I'll have to give that a try sometime. This is directly acidified (30 minute) moz curd you're using? It's not too moist for the pizza? do you dry it ahead of time?

Bacterially acidified moz curd would probably work for that as well, since you can let it dry out and hang as it comes down to that magical ~5.2 pH at which it'll spin (i.e. stretch). Then you can either heat it up and pull or or just cut it up and use it.

I'm getting the itch to make some again. I swore I wouldn't bother until I had a pH meter. (Too many failures). But I guess I can make an exception.
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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

I attempted to make the mozzerella last night using 4 Litres of Full Cream Milk, Rennet and Citric Acid.

It all was working great, curded well, even when i strain it, it all looked amazing..
Then i microwaved it, and seemed to get a little better, but it never got stretchy, it was like it was rubbery and wouldnt stretch no matter how much I put it in the microwave, i only did 20-30sec increments, then kneaded.. then back in the microwave.. never got stretchy enough..
I'm sure I overdid the microwaving trying to make it stretchy, and it just tastes and feels like a bouncy ball now..

Question is..

Too much rennet?
Too much microwaving?

Would it be better to try the heating up using the whey method instead of a microwave?

Any help appreciated!!

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Default Re: Make your own Mozarella..

I'm not a cheese expert by any means, but I think by using the microwave you are setting the cheese up to fail. Can you just bring the curds to 160-170 degrees fahrenheit and then stretch?
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