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adrianspizza 09-06-2009 08:15 AM

Caputo Flour in Perth
Hi everyone,

Great website and forum!

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy Caputo flour in Perth, Western Australia and if so where?

Thanks in advance!
Piece (of pizza) be with you.

heliman 10-06-2009 04:02 AM

Re: Caputo Flour in Perth
I have been on a quest to find it locally in Perth - no luck unfortunately. I tried Kakulas, Re Store, All about bread and a few others but no one had even heard of it - Sadly!!!

Looks like the only option is to order from Sydney @ $140 /bag if you really want it. I think for now I will just use the Defiance brand Bakers Flour. Have had good results with it and the price is right...


adrianspizza 10-17-2010 12:56 AM

Re: Caputo Flour in Perth
I went to Rising in the Yeast (Myaree) yesterday and they were very helpful. They did not know about Caputo but said that they would look into sourcing it if possible. If they can get it in i will post.


heliman 10-17-2010 02:40 AM

Re: Caputo Flour in Perth
I chatted to Rod who runs Variety Foods again recently and whilst he is a very big (if not the biggest) supplier of pizza flours in Perth, he reckoned that he can't get hold of it.

This seems to be your only hope in Oz: Flours and Breads | Mulino Caputo | Pizzeria Flour 25kg

I have done a lot of experimenting with local Superb Baker's Flour and I am quite happy using that. No way I will be paying $140 + shipping for Molino Caputo when I can get the same size bag of Superb for $25.

Spunkoid 11-24-2010 04:36 PM

Re: Caputo Flour in Perth
I am a Canuck currently visiting your fair country. I was in Woolworths the other day and saw some Molini Fine Italian "00" flour on the shelves there. I have used that brand in Canada and found it to be a good alternative. It is sold in the smaller 1 kg bags.


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