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jamie 02-13-2013 05:38 PM

Smoked Dough!
Anyone tried to smoke proof their pizza dough? well I'm gonna! Im taking my dough and proofing in my very large apple wood smoker. i can get this smoker down to a consistent 60 deg min so getting to 80-90deg for proofing isnt a problem. I havent done this before, but i am curious as to what a smoky flavor does to dough? may be terrible but im gonna try. Ill keep everyone posted. If anyone is curious im in charlotte, nc and built a casa2g 110 on my back deck.

Faith In Virginia 02-13-2013 05:48 PM

Re: Smoked Dough!
If you are going to try I would do a cold smoke. Like how you smoke cheese or eggs. So just a bit of wood coals no other heat and don't leave in for two long else you might think your licking the inside of your chimney.

Sounds interesting let us know how it works out.

I just passed through Charlotte not two hours ago...Quick trip to Atlanta to pick up my new toy.


jamie 02-13-2013 06:29 PM

Re: Smoked Dough!
Yea, im with you. I cold smoke on my smoker as well. (mostly cheese) BTW it is a custom built smoker by me. This thing really does great. I have been thinking that maybe smoke might put some subtle flavor into the dough.? who knows? fun to try! I was thinking maybe a softer flavor like apple or peach wood, as opposed to hickory or oak. Just experimenting. we would never discover if we dont try! thanks for commenting, thats what makes all this fun is talking to people and enjoying our triumps and failures!

Cheers mate!

Jamie Crane

ATK406 02-13-2013 09:13 PM

Re: Smoked Dough!
Smoked towel!...LOL. Now that sounds like something I am capable of.

Still laughing.


Faith In Virginia 02-14-2013 04:02 AM

Re: Smoked Dough!
Could also use this stuff called liquid smoke...some powerful stuff. I've seen people use that in baked beans. Gives that smokey flavor.

Polo 02-14-2013 05:22 AM

Re: Smoked Dough!
I would think that the gasses in the proofing dough would be counterproductive to allowing the smokey taste from permeating the dough. I also agree with KD about the humidity and skin problem. If you decide to use Liquid Smoke, be careful. A little goes a long way.

Might be better to try and cold smoke an already baked loaf. If I had a smoker that is what I would try.

Tscarborough 02-14-2013 07:38 AM

Re: Smoked Dough!
I have used roux flour (10%), it gave a subtle smoke flavor, I don't know about actually smoking the dough though.

jamie 02-14-2013 08:49 AM

Re: Smoked Dough!
That smoked towel comment is awesome. I'm from eastern NC and have smoked more hogs than i care to remember. I also own a steel company and fabricate as a hobby. my newest rig is a double hog cooker that i run off propane. Wish i knew how to post a pic, but this thing can impart smoke into anything at VERY low temps because my wood tray is made of expanded metal sitting directly over a burner. i also have a water tray directly over flame so rig is very moist. Like I said, it may not work, but it sure is fun to try. Flour, water and yeast are cheap!! I'm glad people here enjoy this stuff as much as i do. Pizza is like a very hot woman...even when they are bad, they're still pretty good.

jamie 02-14-2013 01:16 PM

Re: Smoked Dough!
That is a really interesting idea! Smoked flour! I'll try that as well. experimentation...i love it. ill bet Tesla shocked himself a time or two with his inventions. Just to clarify, i am not an aussie, but i have several aussie friends in south charlotte as well as a new zealander. His nickname is Kiwi and he is a great bloke. I also have an friend that is a brit, and was a judge on tele in england that was the equivilant to our "top chef" in the states. this guy is all into pizza. i will try to get him involved in this blog. he is an incredible chef. thanks for the ideas!


*Note: You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning!

Bacterium 02-14-2013 01:36 PM

Re: Smoked Dough!
I was thinking what Doug said........then I read your pizza quote......cracked me up with laughter.....I'll be using that one. :D

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