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SimonWoodfield 06-11-2008 10:54 AM

Pizza Party for 100
Hi all,
I mentioned in another post that we will be having our annual get together soon and that it tends to be an all day event. Having completed (nearly) my oven, obviously it needs to be a pizza party rather than the normal BBQ.
Last year we had over 100 people (I think they must have been party crashers cos I don't think I know that many people!!). Having followed the advice about freezing, I am making lots of dough balls and freezing them. My question is while defrosting, how do you prevent them forming a skin?
Also with that number of people, I could do with some other things to be cooking at the same time as Pizza. Any suggestions as to what I could do at the same time (or before hand) for people to nibble at while waiting in a very long line for their pizza??



asudavew 06-11-2008 02:26 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
My opinion..

Pitas can be cooked while heating up the oven.

Make plenty of pitas and some dipping sauces.
ie. tomato based and olive oil/garlic

I also think it is better to make several large pizzas instead of an individual pie for each guest.

That way everyone gets to try several different kinds, and they gather in little groups and socialize. But they don't stay in particular groups, they move around to try pies that they enjoy.

Just how I would handle it.

Dough balls -- get plenty of covered trays to put them in and spray them lightly with oil. Cookie sheets could be used but oil the dough and place plastic wrap over the top.

I would try some frozen dough well before my party to determine defrost times and raising times.
I would hate to have 100 guest show up for pizza popsicles.

I hope this helps.


SimonWoodfield 06-11-2008 02:40 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
Thanks, all very logical, I am trying to arrange as much practising as I can before the big event, must have bought about 30 bags of flour so far!
Interesting point about large pies, I had intended to to individual ones, over the past few years, guest have come from 3 until around 9, so I figured that I could cope. But your point about getting them mixing does make a lot of sense (I can't see me having much time to talk to them!!). Would you be thinking about small finger size (depending on your hands) pitas?


asudavew 06-11-2008 02:54 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
I usually cut the pitas into strips, although lots of guests and children enjoy ripping them apart themselves.

You could also bake some pitas till crunchy.. ie chips (the day before would be helpful, plus your oven will be pre-warmed for easier firing.)
And serve with guacamole and other dips.

And DO practice. It can be quite a challenge maintaining adequate floor temps with lots of pies.
I think a long fire started early would help to saturate the bricks. Then build the fire up to obtain pizza temps just before the even is supposed to kick off.

asudavew 06-11-2008 02:58 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
I also have found that a 400 gram dough ball makes a nice size pie.
About 14-15 inches...

SimonWoodfield 06-11-2008 03:05 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
I am still trying to make any dough ball into something that resembles a pie!!
I am grabbing people off the street now to practise on.... (people think I am strange.. odd that)


asudavew 06-11-2008 03:25 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
I have a few videos posted on dough techniques.
Did you take a look at those?

asudavew 06-11-2008 03:37 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100

You may find some of these videos helpful.


Dutchoven 06-11-2008 04:19 PM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
Complimentary to the excellent suggestion by Dave of flatbreads, you might do some sauteed shrimp and maybe some scallops wrapped in bacon. You'd have to get youself some smaller oven proof crocks or cast iron pans to do them in and an "OveGlove" or other really good oven mitt. The oily sauces left over from those guys cooking make for great stuff to dip those flatbreads in! You could also prep in advance some other kinds of appetizers that can just get a quick dip in the oven to heat. Practice these things as well. It's easy to do you just have to like food...and having built a WFO that is very obvious!
All the best!

krosskraft 06-12-2008 08:29 AM

Re: Pizza Party for 100
I usually cook lambchops as an appetizer to serve guests while my oven is getting up to temp, but that would be pricey for 100 folks. For that many people I would opt for a HUGE vegie tray with dip. Also, devilled eggs are a hit and can be made up ahead of time (make the filling the day before and fill the eggwhites before guests arrrive. The pita idea is good but I think you are going to be too busy to get ready for your party and cook in the WFO before the pizzas. I agree to do bigger pizzas and cut them up to pass around. Chicken wings may stave off some hunger while people are waiting for pizza as well. You could cook those ahead of time and keep them warm. Good luck! I had 6 hour pizza party with 50 guests and I was plenty busy keeping the pizzas going.

Check out some of the dessert pizzas that people have made with chocolate and marshmellows.

If possible think about getting a big pot roast ready to stick in the oven after the party while the oven is cooling off. You won't feel like cooking the next day and the heat of the oven won't go to waste. As others have suggested, make breakfast calzones with leftover pizza. GOOD LUCK!

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