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Default Re: oven finally done-need some help cooking

My local restaurant supply sells pans dotted with holes in the botom, I have 6-12 inch pans. I make all the pizza's at the same time, put all the toppings on then cook them 2 at a time, leaving them on the pan in the oven for a minute or two then throw them on the bricks...You can also use a ton of toppings that way (if you like) My oven is in the corner of the back yard and it makes it a lot easier to get everything out there in trays and then serve them in the same trays. Good luck and like anything else, Practice and your technique will prevail....

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Default Re: oven finally done-need some help cooking

Very sparing on the sauce, toppings and cheese is the way to go. That way the base cooks and bubbles and the edges char in all the right ways.

I fire my oven for at least an hour and a half (two hours is better). Hotter is better really.

I think the comment about not leaving the pizza on the peel to long is spot on. I did this at the weekend and instead of sliding off easily it stuck and the sausage and some of the cheese flew onto the base of the oven. Because the oven was so hot they all burst into flames immediately. However, the pizza did eventually come off and we were left with a very acceptable cheese and tomato pizza.
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