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Default Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

Loogie? Anyone, anyone?

2 medium double loogie pizzas only $9.99
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Default Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

Well, just in from the oven and I have to vouch for the blowing method! My previous attmempts at sliding a pizza off a peel haven't been too sucessful, so I've resorted to building everything on parchment paper. Last time, even parchment was a bust... oven was around 800 degrees, and I had lot of parchement sticking out beyond the dough. The paper flashed in just a milli-second so I ended up with more that a little char around the outside.

I needed to fire up the oven tonight to bake a sourdough bread for a party tomorrow. Veggie son home from college so told him I would make him a cheese pizza cause he hasn't seen the oven in action yet. Having seen the blowing method, I decided to try again with fine cornmeal on the peel. Built the pizza inside the kitchen, and sure enough it was sticking to the peel by the time I got out to the oven. Checking to make sure noone was around, did a little puff under the crust. It slid right off the peel without a hitch. No loogies but since the oven was at 900 degrees, I figure the worse my son got from the puff might be a little meat flavoring from my breath.

I guess if I have folks around, I'll have to forego the breath... somewhere around here I have a large rubber bulb that might be more socially acceptable if I slip that under the dough to puff some air under.
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Default Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

The "blow trick" works like a charm! Thanks for the suggestion. Amazing. However, my son who's currently using bread flour says it didn't work for him. I use 00, and it works flawlessly.
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