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Marcel 09-02-2005 09:06 AM

What ideas do you have about an adjacent pit BBQ?
(M) After reading more forums I see that many builders and cooks are looking for ways to capitalize on the heat potential of extra coals from the Pompeii "igloo".

(M) We have a large enough Foundation Slab to permit us to build a 10' x 2' Hearth Bench along a common wall; a part of which will be within easy reach of the dome entry.

(M) The idea popped into my head today of including some kind of open pit so that the heat of the excess coals could be harnessed.

(M) I have no idea what form or shape this pit should have. Please note that we also are making provision for a sink and 2 electrical outlets.

(M) If you have a pit that works well next to your Pompeii oven, or have done some research, I'd be very appreciative of any ideas, recommendations, caveats, etc. that you would offer.



james 09-08-2005 11:58 PM


We've decided to build a refractory fireplace (FB prefabricated) off to the side of the pizza oven, and we are setting it high enough to use it as a wood-coal grill. The fireplace will work as a fireplace (of course), a grill platform, and even a home for an electric rotisserie. I hope this will work as a traditional Tuscan grill.

The plan is to set the fireplace relatively high, so that it works well as a straight forward outdoor fireplace for cool evenings, and that it is also high enough to work as a grill. The oven and fireplace are about 8' apart on a common patio.

If you have available space for two "appliances", you can get a lot of uses from them.

Photos to follow.


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