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johnny 07-11-2013 11:54 AM

Raw Pizza
My oven is reading 800 Degree's with the lazer. The top of the pizza is cooking well but the bottom of my Pies are raw. I let the coals sit for 30 minutes after the oven is 700 to 800 degrees. Not sure if using the Pizzeria Dough instead of making my own is an issue also?

brickie in oz 07-11-2013 11:16 PM

Re: Raw Pizza
How hot is the floor, is the oven insulated, is the oven cured, who really did shoot JR? :)

Wild Duck 07-12-2013 12:32 AM

Re: Raw Pizza
Hi Johnny,

Without knowing much about your oven it is hard to know what is causing the problem of the crust being under cooked 'raw as you say' on the bottom.

Some things you can try are; when your oven is clear at the top and the sides start to clear look to see if there is any black around the lower part of the walls if there is then still keep an active fire going until the whole oven clears. If you cannot get it to clear I would suggest the oven is not cured properly.

If it clears almost to the bottom you should still be able to cook a good pizza but I would suggest that you move the fire to one side clean the floor and add some more wood to keep an active fire going for at least 30mins or so, this will give the oven time to equalise and recharge the floor.

Leaving the ash and coals over the floor where you intend cooking your pizza can cause a couple of things to happen, one is that the fire may not penetrate the ash and actually prevent the floor from getting hot enough this happens when you burn softer wood or not clean the ash out from a previous fire the ash acts like insulation.
The other is with the ash acting like insulation it can hold in too much heat and the floor stays to hot and burns the bottom of the pizza while the top is under cooked the reverse of what is happening to you.

Moving the fire to one side and cleaning the floor is a must to get the oven to equalise.

The dough can have some effect but not enough to prevent the bottom being raw.

Johnny, even if your oven does not have proper insulation under the floor you should still be able to get the oven to equalise enough to get a reasonable pizza, it will just take longer to heat up.

But if your floor is wet then you will have no chance and you will need to address that as separate issue.

Getting an oven to cook the top and bottom of a pizza the right amount and at the same time takes good oven management that means some practice, I am sure that if you use the method I mention above you will have a better chance.

Good Luck


johnny 07-12-2013 06:50 AM

Re: Raw Pizza
Thanks so much for the informative answer. I will keep trying!!

Wild Duck 07-12-2013 04:01 PM

Re: Raw Pizza
Hi Johnny,

That is ok mate.

You mention that you use a lazer temp gauge to measure the temp of the oven,
might I suggest that when you measure the temp the best place is not the top of the oven as it is always going to be very hot and will give a false temp, the best place is on the side of the oven about halfway up 'being careful not to shoot through the flames as this will also give you a false temp' remember that the surface of the oven is not the true temp either and that it takes time for the bricks to heat up inside.

After you move the fire to one side as I suggested then take some temps of the floor and the wall about halfway up 'opposite the fire' and see how they read when they are about the same you should be ready to go.


deejayoh 07-12-2013 04:31 PM

Re: Raw Pizza
I'd suggest measuring the floor temp. Should be 650-700 at least to get nice leoparding on your crust. At that temp, pizza will cook under 2 minutes and no way it is raw!

But if you are waiting 30 minutes after the oven hits 700-800 degrees - your floor temp has probably dropped to the 500 range. Check it with the IR. Also, you might want to read up on fire management. You need to have a live flame in your oven while you are cooking pizza or it will cool too much. There is a really good chapter on this in the book The Art of Wood Fired Cooking - which just happens to be available online from google books. Read that for sure!

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