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Xabia Jim 03-23-2008 12:03 AM

Feel the warmth
Last year I had my digital gun and would take measurements all over the place. But I would also put my hands on the oven as it heated up and cooked. Chimney, lintel, sides of the door, dome in various places, under the hearth, etc. I learned what got warm first, where it got hot, and how hot it got. Also, you put your hands on the inside for the mississippi (one-one-thousand) counts.

This year I have no thermometer and am cooking by feel. Today is the suckling pig for Easter. It's a challenge to cook without knowing real temperatures but the prior cooking experience has helped.

So, get close to your oven as you use it. Feel the warmth. It may help you when we hit Y2K and all the computers stop functioning.:rolleyes: ..or your batteries are dead:eek: !

Then again, they've cooked like this for centuries.....

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