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james 08-04-2006 02:08 PM

I met with a Forno Bravo owner in Healdsburg the other day (getting my photo taken for a magazine article :D ) and they showed me their bellows. The dad, who is getting really good at using the oven for baking and grilling, along with their pizza, swears by it.

For example, he uses them when he wants to make the fire burn hotter just before pulling the coals forward for grilling. It also makes getting the fire going a little easier.

Does anybody else do this? I've never tried it, but I'm thinking about it.


christo 08-05-2006 04:46 AM

My oven isn't built yet, but I see a great application for that old electric leaf blower collecting dust in my shed.........

Hmm, I've always wanted a forge.... Brick oven/forge....

james 08-05-2006 10:21 AM

Ah, your leaf blower reminds of me one more thing. You can also use the bellows to blow the last tiny bit of ash of the cooking floor -- after you brush and before the first pizza.

I'm not sure a leaf blower is delicate enough for that one. :rolleyes:


CanuckJim 08-06-2006 08:18 AM

Ash Blowing

I've read about a baker in CA somewhere who does not brush at all; he uses compressed air in the kind of "pig" two truck drivers have for flat tires. Never tried it, though I do have the equipment. Seems it would blow ash on everything, me included.


Fio 08-06-2006 06:35 PM

I don't use bellows, but I use a draft door.
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Last weekend my brother visited and we made a draft door. It's amazing. When heating up the oven, it keeps all the heat in, but allows a turbocharged flow of air in to fuel the fire. It's great to use between pizzas or when you add another log to recharge the heat.

For me, it's going to be SOP from now on.

We named it the "Ball Peen Canard Restrictor Plate." Beer had NOTHING to do with the total nonsensicality of the name.

CanuckJim 08-07-2006 01:43 AM


Very sensible name for the door, and I'm relieved that beer had NOTHING to do with it. Now, here's the puzzle: why should you cook a duck next time? Think Quebec.


Fio 08-07-2006 06:35 AM

Interesting quandry. . .
Why indeed would I cook a duck? Well, in the context of naming this piece of equipment, I believe it was not the French word for duck that came to mind, but rather the unorthodox backward-styled canard pusher plane. But how that in any way relates to a draft restrictor door on a pizza oven is God's own sweet mystery.

david s 04-11-2007 04:27 PM

Re: Bellows
Try using a hair dryer. Works a treat. My temp rocketed from 400C to 500C very quickly. 90 sec pizzas no worries. Burns away the coals too, leaving more room. I wonder if the Romans ever used forced air ?

tommy5 04-12-2007 09:13 AM

Re: Bellows
i just ordered a bellow, so ihave not used it, but this one looks good.
go to then click on the tool shop catalog. item # 4111t

fred42 07-27-2009 09:17 PM

Re: Bellows
My brother in law has a few oxygen tanks that he uses for his cutting torches..
I think I have an idea!

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