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michelevit 12-17-2008 10:13 AM

wood question
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Hope all is well with everyone. I am building a 36Ē pizza oven and should have
the final bricks set in a couple of days and hopefully will be lighting some curing fires soon.

In my search for firewood, I came across this posting on Craigslist.
Its is a for OAK wood that is 2x2x8. A pickup truck load for 150.
Is that a good deal? I like that it will
stack neatly under my pizza oven.

here is the link.

Fire Wood 2x2x8 Oak Wood (Cut,Deliver,Stack,Pick-up)

If guys think itís a good deal, I think Iíll pick up truckload. Is there anything else I should
be looking for when looking for wood?

Thanks for your opinion in advance and for this great forum. I have learned a great deal
from just lurking and reading through the forums. Here is a picture of my oven so far.

Les 12-17-2008 10:35 AM

Re: wood question

He said you can get a truck load for $150. How high is that stacked? If it's only 2 foot high that would be around 1/2 cord. That's not a bad price for oak on this side of the hill. you may get a better price since the stuff grows all around you.


Wiley 12-17-2008 01:38 PM

Re: wood question
I think I would drive over and take a look at what he's selling and what constitutes a "trailer load" and what he says is a "truck load". I don't think one can compare standard cord prices and cut wood because the cut wood can be stacked much closer than cord wood. And on that point getting a trailer load would probably be a much better deal (as he states) as it appears to be closely packed, whereas wood cut to your desired length would most likely be tossed into the PU bed and as a consequence be a much looser pack. I guess on that point alot would be determined by your storage and ability to cut lengths of wood. One could run a whole lot of wood thru a chop saw in a couple of hours of work. The idea he delivers is nice if you don't have a truck.

I used to live in The Santa Cruz Mtns off Summit Road and years ago prices for firewood were pretty steep. Good deals could be had from individuals who had permits to take wood from the areas that burned and those deals were commonly posted on the Summit Store bulletin board (the store used to be called La Tienda). There used to be a quasi-permanent camp for guys trying to stay sober who cut and sold firewood who posted there. And if memory serves there were significant mtn fires a few years back.
Hope this helps,

Jraducha 12-18-2008 06:55 PM

Re: wood question
Make sure you have a way to split that oak in to very small pieces. Your oven will get very hot with oak cut in larger pieces. For 150, that is a decent price. For your curing fires, split the logs in to really really small pieces, oak will increase temp fast!

Les 12-18-2008 07:38 PM

Re: wood question

Originally Posted by Jraducha (Post 47473)
Make sure you have a way to split that oak in to very small pieces.

It's only 2 inches square - I don't think splitting it will be an issue. ;)

Michelevit - let us know how this turns out - I drove down to San Ramon for walnut, so a good deal on oak would be no prob.


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