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Default Reducing Image Size

Hey, CanuckJim,

These suggestions for limiting the size of your image for Posting on this Forum are specific to my Email program, Mozilla's "Thunderbird" but something quite similar is probably available to you if you use a different program.

1- Go to Insert (either the icon or the text tool bar) click on it and choose Image.


2- That should open a new window with the following options: Location, Dimensions, Appearance, Link.

and if the next option, [Choose File] is available, click on it.

3- That should bring you to a Folder with a name like "MyDocuments" where you have your images stored. You may have stored them in a different Folder but if you know the name of that Folder you should be able to get there and select the image you want.

4- Once you select your image it will reappear in the new window where you should de select "Alternate Text" and choose Dimensions.

5- You could try setting one of the pixel dimensions to 200 and the other axis will be automatically set for you. If that is still too large a file, repeat and substitute a lower pixel number.

================================================== ========================

Alternate Method using an external site:

Many of us host our images on a site external to FornoBravo, such as PhotoBucket. You can see my images there by clicking on: http://photobucket.com/albums/a318/marceld/

It took a lot of time to store the over 70 photos there but now I can pick and choose or direct others there. In order to get access to these far larger images, I copy paste a marker from there such as:

[ (* inserted to allow this to appear as text) IMG]http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a318/marceld/75.jpg[/IMG]

into my Forno Bravo posting.

That should offer the image itself for viewing.

I hope that this will help. Keep chopping, sawing, splitting, writing, but avoid freezing where you live. I better not complain that our temperature was only 20 degrees. Glad I have a wood burning stove inside or the electrical bills would be significantly higher.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)

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Default Photo Transmission


Thanks for the detailed advice about transmitting photos. I'll definitely give it a try early in the week. The hot spell has hit here: it's only -13C this morning. Shirt sleeve weather.

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Default Wood

I envy to guys being able to get free wood. Here things are cheap
but nothing is free. The folks all want the pizza free, but I have not
seen anyone show up with wood. We did have a part of a mango tree
that blew down in our last typhoon get hand carried to our year a few
days ago. The gardeners chopped it up with bolos. We are hoping to
find so more like minded trees to carry in and chop up.
Thanks for the posts guy, now I have a lot better idea of the size
of wood that I will be needing.
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