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Default Re: Reusing WFO Coals??

And on the subject of charcoal:

I don't remember just where I got this link but it was sometime ago and worthwhile if someone is interested in making charcoal (and worth repeating if it was from here).

Making Charcoal

It's on my list of fun "to build someday projects" and if someone only had access to poor or evil smelling wood perhaps converting it to charcoal would make it palatable for use in their WFO. Probably best not to try if one lives in a city. I really like how the design uses the off-gasses from the wood to fuel the fire.

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Default Re: Reusing WFO Coals??

Thanks for this info - I'll definitely check this process out.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of the coals on the BBQ so it's good to understand the "production phase" behind it.
/ Rossco
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