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Default Re: How Long To Reach The Right Temperature?

I have found similar to Breven's suggestion that once the soot is burnt off everything is ready. In my oven I lay out wood in a single layer all around the hearth and build a rick of wood in the center which I light. The perimeter wood catches on from the extreme heat and creates a ring of fire around the center fire. I brush it with the brass pizza brush. Then throw in some flour to see it turn brown or black depending on the heat. I close the outside door that lets air in and smoke out the chimney to keep the fire going for pizza. If it is bread, I let the fire die down and brush the coals out with a garden hoe I use only for the oven. Then wire brush, long brush, mop out with wet mop and then close the inner door. That door prevents any air or heat escaping out the chimney. Let the oven rest and stabilize. Then bake.
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Default Re: How Long To Reach The Right Temperature?

I start slow. A small "campfire" sized fire in the front for about 1/2 hour. I then push this to the middle and load it up for the main burn. This burns down to coals in about 45 min, I then push this to the back and start cooking.
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Default Re: How Long To Reach The Right Temperature?

Hi Guys,
I have a refactory dome oven and I find that it takes around 45 to 60 mins to heat to pizza hot levels depending on the type of wood I use. Living in on the west side of Australia, I find the best wood to use is a hard wood called Jarrah. I burns hot and kicks the temp right up!! A friend of mine cut down a number of trees on his block and gave me a trailer load. This wood is call Bankshia and although it give great smoke and taste to the food, because it is very dry and soft...it take longer to get hot. I found it hard to start with to work the temp out...but you find after a bit you get to know your oven...i didnt believe that at first...but its true!! I start with the fire in the centre and when the carbon is burnt off i move it to the side and watch in delight as the flame licks the roof and around to the other side!!
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