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woodash 07-24-2009 03:10 AM

Cure again or not?
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Hi All
Having already cured my oven,(over 20 fires ) my question is, do i need to cure it again after putting another 50mm cement render topping over the outside of my oven.The oven itself is made out of refractory cement (dome) then a layer of insulation and a 50mm layer of cement render.This is the original oven. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Cheers Woodash

david s 07-24-2009 03:15 AM

Re: Cure again or not?
You should wrap the oven (cling wrap works well) to keep the render moist for a week. This will increase the strength of the outer shell. It sounds daft after all that trouble to rid the inside of moisture, but is worth the effort and extra time required.

david s 07-24-2009 03:18 AM

Re: Cure again or not?
No you don't have to go through more curing fires, but don't waterproof the outside until you've had at least 10 decent cooking firings.

woodash 07-24-2009 03:23 AM

Re: Cure again or not?
Thanks for the reply David
I have placed an old blanket around the oven, wetting this each morning for 2 days,(intending to keep moist for a week)then putting a plastic cover over the whole oven.I hope this will achieve the same result.

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