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james 10-01-2008 04:07 PM

Spring Down Under
I am noticing a lot of activity from our members in the southern half. Enjoy your spring Australia and New Zealand!

For those of us in the north, have a great autumn. And for those of us at the coast, autumn is our summer. It's actually been sunny here. :-)


oventhusiast 10-01-2008 05:55 PM

Re: Spring Down Under
Hi James!,
It's gettin' 'fall-ie' here in the NorthEast. Pretty soon the pizza prep moves indoors and the snow blower makes a path to the oven. (And I run in and out of the house with raw, then done pizzas!) I LOVE IT!
Oh, and to all of you 'down under' Have a great Spring and Summer and GET OUT THERE AND BUILD!!!:D DOOOO ITTT!!!!

nissanneill 10-02-2008 04:27 AM

Re: Spring Down Under
No Rick, you have got it wrong!
'Bugger the build' but 'enjoy the built'!
The school holidays are upon us down under and 2 weeks of wonderful weather (for those unfortunate enough to be building) or those not on holidays.


oventhusiast 10-02-2008 07:56 AM

Re: Spring Down Under
Hey Neill!
I guess I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you! Maybe I lead a pretty dull life up here in Boston (ok, I know I do:o ), but I actually, immensely enjoyed building my oven ! I kind of get a weird satisfaction knowing that this thing is going to outlast me. (if I built it correctly, it will be my little mark on this world!) That's probably why I 'overdid' a few things like rebar and concrete filling every block, etc.. Maybe if I did it for a living, I would be more agreeable to 'bugger the build'. But I know there's one great thing we will both agree on and thats your "enjoy the built" quote! I'm sure that we do!:D
Best to ya,


nissanneill 10-02-2008 03:30 PM

Re: Spring Down Under
Don't get me wrong with the build, I built mine in a few weekends and thoroughly enjoyed it (as I do with most things that I build) and I even enjoy helping others achieve satisfaction with their builds (I guess this goes with being a Tafe lecturer all my life) but that part is over and behind me.
I have all but finished the new patio build (a few flashings to put on today and the last lights to source and install) the new kitchen cupboards to check and order today and it then ready for the family to enjoy.
I guess it never stops as there is then the garden to redo which will enhance the overall area including an adjacent herb garden and there will always be something needing to be done.
We are lucky here in Adelaide as we don't have the weather extremes that some members get, but my outdoor entertainment area is designed to be used all year, all seasons and including weather extremes.
I occassionally see large structural slabs of glass for sale and will keep my eyes open which can then enclose the sides to seal the area into a solarium. We will see what eventuates but the oven build is over, but I do look forward to helping those venturing into it.


nodoubt68 10-13-2008 08:39 PM

Re: Spring Down Under

Originally Posted by james (Post 41969)
I am noticing a lot of activity from our members in the southern half. Enjoy your spring Australia and New Zealand!


We love spring....have been able to get outside lately and get things done. We started with chopping down the trees in the way of our" Pizza Oven Project" and putting them through the mulcher. Every weekend now gets us closer to enjoying the build and the built.
Cheers Lee:)

Bacterium 10-13-2008 11:31 PM

Re: Spring Down Under
Hi everyone......I'm baaack....from winter hibernation. Well not quite hibernating - I've been busy with my house reno (extension). Its been a bit tough slogging it out in the wet. Digging trenches, putting up retaining walls, paving, painting, concreting, landscaping... blah...blah. Its wearing thin. So sorry I have not been that social on here, Ive missed it.

Ahh yes spring is returning - I fired up my oven for my sons's birthday the other week and cranked out some Indian food. Butter Chicken, Lamb Korma and some Naan bread. The Naan are great to do in the oven...might try Roti next time.


staestc 10-14-2008 03:14 AM

Re: Spring Down Under
I am way excited that Naan bread works well in pizza ovens! I've been cooking Indian for the last few years and Naan on a pizza stone is just not the same.
Travis n'Texas

Bacterium 10-14-2008 03:21 AM

Re: Spring Down Under
It was first time I made Naan .....I used Atta flour as recommended by local bread bake shop..... I thought it was a bit to much of a "wholemeal" or coarser flour.....might tone it down with a lighter flour next time. So easy to cook though....I put them in and nothing seemed to happen at first, then all of a sudden a few bubbles and it "puffed" right up.

Travis, do you use yoghurt in your Naan recipe?

nodoubt68 10-14-2008 05:10 AM

Re: Spring Down Under
Love Naan bread Damon, thats for the great ideas.

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