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kirshner 11-12-2012 03:33 AM

positioning oven on trailer
Hi all
I,m about to place my oven on the trailer and thought I,d run a few things by you all
I cast the dome 3 weeks ago with premix oven cement, so its had 2 and a half weeks drying time should I light a small fire inside to dry it of some more before I put the insulation layer on?
as I dont want any dampness trapped in there
apart from that its ready for trailer,I dont want trailer tipping back with 300 to 400 kg on the back so i guess it should be placed slightly forward from centre towards towing arm,arm(cant think of correct term sorry) has an extendable leg with wheel to support it.
or do i just put it dead centre,hmmm

kirshner 11-12-2012 03:36 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
forgot to mention it is single axle,two wheels

brickie in oz 11-12-2012 11:11 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
The rule of thumb for loading a trailer is to have about 100kg of weight on the tow ball, this should stop any fish tailing as you tow it. :)

wotavidone 11-12-2012 11:55 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer

Originally Posted by brickie in oz (Post 141775)
The rule of thumb for loading a trailer is to have about 100kg of weight on the tow ball, this should stop any fish tailing as you tow it. :)

Can't stress this enough. When I was a callow youth, the owner of a derelict and collapsing farmhouse out in the scrub told me I could salvage a load of bricks for use as pavers. I simply loaded the trailer with even layers of bricks, unwittingly backloading it by a few pounds. I can still see the view in my driver's side mirror as the trailer whipped so far sideways at 70 mph hour that the entire trailer was visible in that mirror.:eek::D

kirshner 11-12-2012 02:03 PM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
wotashocka!!hard case bro,
thanks brickie
got it!! except when you say put 100kg on the tow ball do you mean that I put an actual weight (separate from oven structure) permanently onto tow ball,to counter oven weight placed centre of trailer,
or do i just move 100kg of oven weight towards tow ball, as i,m concerned about adding more weight to an already heavy load.

Faith In Virginia 11-12-2012 04:20 PM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
I keep hearing center slightly forward of center of trailer...Yikes. I don't know how long your trailer is or where the axle is. I would go slightly forward of your front most axle. I would also loose the wheel on the dolly. If you park your trailer on anything other then absolute flat and level ground that wheel can get a mind of its own and you will have an oven on a trike with no breaks.

I have a trailer that I welded crank nose dollies on the rear corners of the trailer. Sometimes it's nice to level out your trailer if your only parking spot is on a hill.

One more thing... you can always put the oven on the trailer then adjust it for proper hitch weight by sliding the oven forward and backward.

kirshner 11-13-2012 03:12 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
thanks faith and wotavidone,its clear now no probs.
yeah I know what you mean I have a bad back too,
one totally different question,i,m pouring the perlite cement insulation tomorrow(hopefully)
it will be straight on a steel plate with a stainless steel wall all around it,
will i need to attach rebar or mesh reinforcing into the insulation,or does it need to go from the steel base up through the insulation then float inside the concrete(refractory) base which is separate to the fire hearth above.
part of me thinks that because perlite insulation and concrete base are sitting in a strong steel base with steel sides that it doesnt need reinforcing,
but i will put stainless steel rods into the concrete around the dome so that the outer shell is attached to it

david s 11-15-2012 01:20 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
And put some shocks on your trailer suspension.Then keep your fingers crossed. My mobile oven has cracks both inside and outside which I fill periodically, but it holds together OK Best you can do is make it as light as you dare, as strong as you think, then keep your fingers crossed.

BasicKneads 12-12-2012 08:53 AM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
I wanted to chime in on tongue weight here.

We recently built our second trailer oven, and third mobile (we have a W-F food truck as well).

This new trailer was significantly larger than the last, and design wise, the only place to put the oven was toward the back. It is basically centered over the double axles, but still all the weight is in the back.

When we went to our mechanic, he said:

* 10% Tongue Weight *

So on our ~5000lb trailer, we have added as much as we could up front (generator, water tanks, battery) but still added 4 45lb weight lifting plates to get our tongue weight where it needs to be, and it's towing great (minus we need a new diesel truck to take into the Rockies, we are in Denver).


Basic Kneads Pizza

david s 12-12-2012 04:29 PM

Re: positioning oven on trailer
My mobile oven is on a single axle trailer. The oven sits on a trolley with 6 wheels to spread the load and is held in by chains and turnbuckles, so it is easy to roll on and off and adjust the ovens position and hence the load on the drawbar. I use two car stands placed under the chassis rails at the rear and then use the jockey wheel to level the trailer and put some load onto the stands. Pretty simple and works well.

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