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james 07-30-2006 04:39 PM

Dessert Pizza with Mascarpone
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Here is the recipe for the Dessert Pizza we made at 10 Speed Press.

Dessert Pizza Dough (four dough ball, for up to 16 desserts)
500gr Caputo pizza flour
300gr water (60% hydration)
1 tbl EVOO
1 tsp salt
2 tsp yeast
rind of one lemon

The lemon gives the dough a nice, tangy flavor that comes through on the dessert.

Make you dough as you would a pizza dough, then shape four dough balls.

Pine nuts
Powdered sugar
Creme fraiche
Fresh fruit

Shape the dough balls into 6"-7" bases, with finger impressions. Keep them thick, like a fat little focaccia.

Cover with EVO, then top with 6-8 dollops of Mascarpone. You don't have to spead them out. Top that with 2 tablespoons of pine nuts.

Make in an oven that has fallen from high pizza heat. Around 600F.

Quarter or halve the pizza, then top with creme fraiche and powdered sugar. Then the fresh fruit.

It's almost like a bread pudding below the fruit and cream. The fruit isn't cooked, and stays fresh. The dish got great reviews from a real "foodie" crowd, so give it a try.

Photos below.


El Puaco 07-31-2006 02:05 PM


I can't believe how good that looks to me. I think I'd eat a bale of hay if it had creme fraich on it! I can't wait to try that one in my oven. Only about 2-3 weeks away, I hope...

jjerrier 08-02-2006 02:59 PM

In the recipe above - the rind of one lemon...did he do it as lemon zest? I can't imagine he just peeled a lemon and threw it in the mixer...that may get a little chewy.

james 08-02-2006 03:11 PM

Hey Jay,

I can picture this being your signature dessert. :) You'll be a famous pizza magnate, and we will remember the day when we first made the dish.

Yes, it was the zest. Just enough of a hint of lemon to be very flavorful. Peter threw the leftover lemons in the dough as it rose and rested. We ran out of lemon dough and made a few dessert pizzas with regular dough, and it really wasn't as nice.

I've heard back from the 10 Speed folks already a couple of times this week, and they say there is still a pizza buzz around the offices. Cool. There may be an onsite brick oven in their future.

jjerrier 01-25-2007 02:51 PM

Re: Dessert Pizza with Mascarpone
I've made this dessert a couple of times and everyone loves it...a few variations:

Sprinkle the marscapone with brown sugar before putting in the oven - nice caremlization and very good.

Also - take an 8 oz container of marscapone and add 2tsp sugar, 1tsp lemon zest, and the seeds of one vanilla bean (split bean lengthwise and scrape seeds into cheese). Blend ingredients together with a fork and let chill. Then spread it on the dough before putting in the oven...


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