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Dino_Pizza 12-20-2010 07:23 AM

Xmas DUCK in WFO help
We're firing up the wfo on Christmas Eve for roasting 2 ducks and a chicken. I'll be using the Tuscan grill for skewered lamb appetizers too.

We 1st thought of doing the DUCK "Beer-Can chicken" Style but I now think I'll do it on a rack, placed over a 2" tall rectangular shallow pan to catch the drippings but still allow the heat to get to the underside of the Duck. I did this successfully with whole fish once.

Has anyone done a whole duck in their wfo? I've roasted them many times in the kitchen oven but any hints, thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

Whatever happens, I'll post the pics here. Thanks, Dino

rlf5 12-20-2010 08:52 AM

Re: Xmas DUCK in WFO help
I've done it twice with great results. I essentially used this link as a guide. You'll want your oven at about 300-325. The final crisping can be done in your kitchen oven at the higher temp, or you can use a blow torch.

Dino_Pizza 12-23-2010 10:28 PM

Re: Xmas DUCK in WFO help
That's a great recipe/link. We're going to start with Lobster pizza appetizers (we'll see how that turns out if they are pretty) so the oven will be too hot, we think, for that recipe but I will try it some day. It's got a very nice glaze at the end. I've found a recipe in a wood fired cookbook for a hotter oven that's black tea brined that I'll use.

This is going to be a good xmas eve dinner in the wfo. I've got pizza dough rising overnight, ciabatta dough fermenting too but that's going in the kitchen oven. I've been rendering the duck skin fat (while writing this) for later use. Biggest fear is splattering my ovens floor with duck fat but it all eventually burns off.

thanks, Dino

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