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free skakel 03-13-2010 10:34 AM

spit roasting a whole EMU
i made a custom spit roaster and have done whole pig, whole deer and now i have a whole EMU i would like to roast, any body have any ideas on how this will go such as rough cooking times and what not? thanks

Neil2 03-13-2010 05:33 PM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU

Like in the flightless bird ?

Les 03-13-2010 07:29 PM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
How big is your oven? The last deer I tagged was 185 lbs, and would never have fit into my 42 in oven.


RTflorida 03-13-2010 10:06 PM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
I'll be damned. When I first read this thread many hrs ago I would have bet this was just another crackpot post. I just googled EMU farms in Massachusetts......THERE IS ONE!
They actually sell meats, oils and other EMU products.

Les, I'm guessing he does not have a WFO, but a roasting pit of some kind with a spit.

According to Wiki, emus weigh 65-100 lbs - so maybe 50-80 lbs dressed? Would need to be a really big oven. I did a 26 lb turkey...barely fit through the entry of my 36".

Come on, one of the boys from down under has to have some experience roasting an emu. Gotta be like turkey to us yanks.


Alter ego 03-14-2010 01:51 AM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
Your going to eat one of the animals on our coat of arms???

Never cooked any emu but good luck and let us know how it tastes

scottz 03-14-2010 04:24 AM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
I reckon it is a damn good idea cooking a whole emu!!! Saying Emu taste great is a gross understatment!!! Cooking one in a WFO would enhance the flavour and the bird would be very moist!!! Maybe compare it to a big arse turkey or chicken in cooking time/kg...or just cook it hard for 15 mins then slow cook for a good few hours! Please post pics and let us know how you went, very intrested!! Next thing to do would be a Kangaroo leg or Kangaroo tail!!!


Spunkoid 05-06-2010 09:20 PM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
Going beyond the exotic...
A choice cut for the Northern Cree indians is moose nose... have not roasted one myself but I am sure I could get one. No idea how to cook it, not sure if I can fine a receipe in "".
Not too many emus running loose in the wild in Canada, but probably not too many moose or buffalo in the Land down under either.... I guess you just cook the local flavors and go with that.

shark 06-09-2010 04:51 AM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
I am from Aus and never heard of anyone cooking an Emu , but turkey recipes give you (a start off time ) and so many Minutes per kilogram. So just add on to that and baste often

Good luck

brokencookie 06-09-2010 08:35 AM

Re: spit roasting a whole EMU
I have a friend who raises Emu. ( Washington State) and can tell you that it has a great flavor and is a pretty "healty" meat. It's a little oilier than turkey. He suggests that you use cooking times and temps close to Pork cooking. Then just monitor your meat temperture and pull it when the internal temp is aroun 150 F to 160 F. Good Luck


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