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Frances 03-11-2008 03:27 AM

Slow cooked veal chops
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My oven is always at exactly 80 C (176 F) in the evening two days after firing... and yesterday I finally got everything together to try this low-heat cooking thing I read about.

The chops were seared for two minutes on each side, and then put in the oven in a pre-heated pot (without a lid) for 50 minutes. At precisely 80 C, did I mention that?

They were cooked to perfection. Even if the one with the mushroom sauce did try to run away...

jeff 03-11-2008 10:18 PM

Re: Slow cooked veal chops
Thanks for that Frances; nice looking protein on classy china.
Our oven stays a little warmer, probably because air temp here is higher.
Had pizza Friday, then weekend away. Left-over pizza reheated Sun. evening, then smoked salmon on Monday.
(Salmon was "brined" in 2:1:1 soy sauce:water:raw sugar +dash of 5spice for 4hrs, then smoked @70*C for maybe 45mins using paperbark). Top tucker.
I've been fiddling wih slow-cooked meat for some time now, and apart from destroying some lovely fish (too hot for too long), have found the WFO to be the duck's guts.
All those wasted years without a WFO!
Knocked up my first paella last night. (Thanks XJim). Cooked inside, but what a top meal when camping. Simple and simply superb.
FB is a class act. Thanks eh.

Frances 03-12-2008 04:24 AM

Re: Slow cooked veal chops
Jeff, good to have you back on the forum!

I think the insulation on my oven could probably be a a bit better, but its so cool for cooking in, I'm not grumbling! But low temp cooking is something that hasn't worked out too well for me so far, which is why I decided to post this one with exact temperature and cooking times for a change.

So this smoked salmon... what is this "paperbark" whereof you speak? A small fire of, ehrm, (wild stab in the dark here) bark? To provide some smoke but no heat? Did you put the salmon in a dish, or hang it up somehow? And did you sear it before putting it in the oven at all? Sounds really tasty, but I need more info before I'll try it... :)

jeff 03-12-2008 03:36 PM

Re: Slow cooked veal chops
G'day Frances.
It's the bark from some species of Melaleuca trees (restricted pretty much to Australia I believe). Can strip off quite large pieces, then peel off thin layers. Used to wrap food (esp fish) in flash restaurants. (Or when camping: life's tough at the lower end of the food chain, yes?) Hahaha. Ssshh!
This is the first time I've used it as a dedicated smoke source, and the mild result was pretty good.
Suspended the fish pieces, but should have placed a plate beneath them. (My piece fell: lucky it wasn't the Boss's bit, eh). No searing.
Will do some more soon, and take more note of cooking time and temp. Others may offer advice too, which would be most welcome.
Got to bolt.
Stay safe over there in Spring.

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