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roknroll 11-20-2013 03:49 PM

Prosciutto Wraped Prawns
Hope this is a good first post. My parents have a WFO oven that I cook in from time to time, but we'll be getting one at our house soon so I figured I'd browse around here.

This is a fast, simple dish that presents very well and tastes amazing. I actually made it up from stuff on hand at my parents one night (tomatoes and basil from their garden, prawns were in the freezer, shallots in the fridge, and I just bought the prosciutto on my way home).

2 pounds raw extra large shell-on prawns (8-12 count per pound)
1/4c + 1/4c white wine
2 medium sized shallots halved and sliced
2 tbs chopped garlic
2 cups cherry or grape tomatoes
prosciutto, use 1/2 slice per shrimp
olive oil
fresh basil leaves roughly chopped
  1. thaw out the prawns in the refrigerator the night before, peel, and toss with 1/4 cup of the white wine.
  2. cut the prosciutto slices in half lengthwise and wrap prawns with the 1/2 slice each. place the prawns in a large skillet or paella pan.
  3. sprinkle the tomatoes, shallots, and garlic around the pan.
  4. pour the remaining 1/4 cup of white wine in the pan
  5. drizzle 1/4 cup of olive over prawns
  6. cook uncovered in a medium hot pizza oven for about 10-15 minutes. Tomatoes should have a light char on their tops and prosciutto should be lightly crisped
  7. as soon as you pull it out, sprinkle the basil on the prawns so that it starts to wilt but doesn't totally cook.

  • wrapping the prawns gets very frustrating because the prosciutto comes apart and sticks to the packaging. If it comes you can patch it back together by slightly overlapping the broken pieces and pressing together. once it's cooked you can't tell the difference.
  • I used toothpicks to secure the prosciutto but I don't think it's necessary and just adds time and tediousness.
  • I put it in loosely covered in tin foil for the first 5 minutes, afraid that the top would brown/burn too quickly. I don't think this is necessary, since I ended up having to cook it a little longer than I wanted just to get a light char on the tomatoes after uncovering. If the oven's too hot and prosciuotto gets to crispy too early, loosly cover with tin foil

I'll try to get more recipes and photos of stuff up. We actually rarely use the oven for pizza. It's almost all meats, veggies, seafood etc. We do large parties at our house for 100+ people using whole tenderloin roasts, salmon, lamb, etc. My dad's actually got two large ovens on a trailer that I used to cook filet and salmon for 300 people which I will not try again... that was a lot of work and on a 100 deg day.

GrahamG 12-18-2013 07:46 AM

Re: Prosciutto Wraped Prawns
That looks gorgeous! Can I come over to try some?

stonecutter 12-18-2013 10:35 AM

Re: Prosciutto Wraped Prawns
Heck of a first post...thanks for the share. Any pictures of your oven?

roknroll 12-31-2013 03:20 PM

Re: Prosciutto Wraped Prawns
It's my parent's oven at their place, not mine. So I only get to use it from time to time, but we'll be putting in a 40" premio2g this spring (their housewarming gift). Here's a few pictures of the setup. Pizza is up closer to the house next to the pool, and then there's a large patio with a Rumford fireplace further down in the yard. We do steak florentine on the Rumford and it turns out amazing (plus everyone gets to sit around the fire while they cook).

BOOMERS WFO 12-31-2013 05:38 PM

Re: Prosciutto Wraped Prawns
Great looking recipe. Might have to try it.

Love the layout of the oven and fireplace. Has motivated me to do a fireplace at my place. Reminds me of Brickie in Oz's fireplace.

Good luck with your build



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