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Default Re: ***New Door Thermometer***

On a slightly different topic, ThisOldGarageNJ, how well does your door insulate? Have you pointed an infrared thermometer at the outside after letting it soak up the interior energy for a while?
Keb, It never gets more than warm to the touch outside,, I wont put it on till the oven gets around 600 degrees..... I have lost 2 or more wood doors that way.. I also didnt soak the previous ones...
When you say you soak your door in water am I to assume that the thermometer is watertight? Are you spraying the door with a hose or submerging it in a tub? Did the thermometer come with a data/specification sheet?
Wiley,, I just unscrew the thermometer when i soak the door, I use a mason tub... I got the termometer from FB it didnt come with anything in the box...

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Default Re: ***New Door Thermometer***

Thanks Mark,
And that clears up the threading question, basically you are using a friction fit or interruption fit to hold the thermometer. In wood that should work just fine and not damage the threads. Thank you for the photos, I notice that there is a hex nut built into or as part of the actual meter head. That would indicate that the unit is made to be held clamped up against the dial without damage. Not that there is alot of room behind the dial but enough for a "bicycle wrench" to hold the dial when installing.

I need to build myself a new door just for heat retention. I'm still using my fir door with the pie plate window. So far that has worked well save for the destruction /charring of the wood. I really enjoy being able to see what is going on when I'm baking bread. And I have been getting by with a standard oven thermometer set on the hearth which I can see thru the window. I'm interested in the Forno Bravo thermometer for the insulated door I will be building.

Thanks again,
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