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jeff 01-23-2008 10:58 PM

Baitlayer Surprise aka Jeff's Tucker.
Frances, this is so embarrassing, but I'll be a sport and have a go.
So to set the stage, consider the following:

After a pretty fair meal recently, The Boss (read Wife), paid a compliment, to which I replied, 'yair, too easy'.
She: 'So what did you do'?
Me: 'I followed the recipe'.
She found that hilarious. (I dunno mate,sheilas. Fair dinkum.)
OK, let's go.

WFO had cooled to about 120 C.
Lamb was uncooked slices surplus to Loren's /Inish's (?) advice re donor kebabs, browned w. olive oil in cast iron camp oven. Next 'brown' chopped onion. (I had to light a small fire to get frying heat).

Add vegies. Tomato, spring onion,carrot,eggplant (aubergine?), sweet potato, pumpkin,capsicum, or whatever you've got,eh.

half can of beer, chicken stock or stock cube, herbs. (I had rosemary, thyme, oregano and pepper..... Paprika would go well instead I reckon.)

Good splash of black sauce. Salt if you like. (Crikey, I forgot to flour the meat before browning it! Silly boy! Mix in a Tsp of flour now; she'll be right).
Leave that lot to simmer away, lid on, an hour or two.

self raising flour, half cup
butter/olive oil ....1Table spoon, rubbed in to flour.
milk about.......... 2Tspns, kneaded in to a smooth dough
cheese grated.....quarter cup, plus
"mixed herbs"......1 tsp, mixed in.

Form into little, loose balls (14 - 20, who cares?), and drop into stew with 30 mins to go, and leave the lid off eh.

A very flexable mix. I reckon more tomatoes (or T paste) and paprika would work. Good luck.

ps. Pizzas last night. Chaotically brilliant. mmmmm. Ta James. Jeff.

Frances 01-23-2008 11:57 PM

Re: Baitlayer Surprise aka Jeff's Tucker.
Thanks Jeff, sounds great! I'll let you know how it turns out when I make it.

My recepies are often very flexible (as in "chop up a bit of all veggies you can find"), so I should have no problem following yours ;)

Frances 02-18-2008 01:10 PM

Re: Baitlayer Surprise aka Jeff's Tucker.
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Ok Jeff, I tried your lamb stew.

Follwed the reciepe to the letter.

Except that I wrapped the bits of lamb in some bacon I had left over, the veggies we had handy were carronts, broccoli, sprouts, corn and green cabbage, I'd run out of onions so I used garlic, and the only herbs going in my garden at the moment are rosemary and a bay leaf. Red wine instead of beer - and as we had dumplings just the other day, I substituted potatoes.

Appart from that it was pretty much identical.

And very good, too! Thank you for sharing :) I feel that I successfully followed the spirit of reciepe (and for once the temps and cooking time were right... :rolleyes: )

gjbingham 02-18-2008 04:44 PM

Re: Baitlayer Surprise aka Jeff's Tucker.
Nice! Australian cuisine in Switzerland. Did you kill and butcher the lamb yourself Frances? ;)

I love Lamb. I've got a leg of lamb in the freezer. I'm just waiting for a good excuse to cook way more meat than 4 people can eat. Perhaps an all weekend party, pizza at night, lamb at lunch the next day.....

Frances 02-19-2008 05:23 AM

Re: Baitlayer Surprise aka Jeff's Tucker.

Originally Posted by gjbingham (Post 24506)
Did you kill and butcher the lamb yourself Frances? ;)

No, but I'm sure I would if I had to...

Leg of lamb sounds good! Make sure to post pics when you do it.

I've found that I always cook far too much when I heat up the oven... maybe its just as well I've run out of wood for the moment, else I'll end up being to fat to reach in...

Hey, that's be a new twist to the hearth height ratio thing: How far away you have to stand from the opening while cooking.

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