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Default Re: Ramping up for a load of SD Boules.

I'm still working on shaping and slashing, and getting the bake right.. I wish I could state that these came from the WFO, but they're still from the kitchen gas oven. The loaves in the rear have darker bottoms and were baked about 10 minutes longer. They announced themselves as they cooled, sang is the term I see being used for this. They range in weight from 630g to 700g. I really need use the scale and equalize the weight of the loaves. I eyed it this time, not next time.

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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: Ramping up for a load of SD Boules.

Hi Chris!

I am just back from fishing in BC or I would have commented sooner!

Nice loaves. Chad likes a dark finish. Good crumb. You could probably get away with a "hair" wetter - say another two percent if you want a more open/random crumb. Proofing looks good but the two loaves in the second picture of the first email are arguably a bit underproofed (based on the cracking). I think I would add 15 to 30 minutes more proof. That will also give you a more open crumb and a bit less eruption. But, as always these are personal taste/look issues.

When you go to the WFO, assuming you try to do it out of the combo cookers, you will need at least twelve to fifteen pounds of dough in my experience to get the kind of crust I think you want. And you will probably have to do some significant humidifying of the oven with a mop/sprayer too - depending on many factors. Expect a big learning curve if you are to match your combo cooker crust. (Would love for you to nail it on the first try and prove me wrong!)

Well done!
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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: Ramping up for a load of SD Boules.

Thanks Jay for the input!

Once again I have to say that the combo cookers, CC, do something magic to the crust.. Of course I know now that whatís going on is the steam allowing the oven spring and really creating the depth of crust.

It finally clicked and I made a connection between water bagels and these breads regarding the beautiful glossy chestnut / mahogany color of the crust and the effect of the water and steam to gelatinize the crust before the dry heat does its part creating the crunch and color.

Itís a real eye opener and lesson about the inadequate techniques that I thought were right in line with what was needed and being described in books and blogs. My steaming of the oven was lost, vented right out of my gas oven and even though the aluminum pan was better than not having one it doesnít compare to the CC.

I know that I need concentrate on shaping to get a consistent result, the CC forced me to concentrate on shaping boules and this made me more aware of how it affects the final results. Shaping is more important than I had previously imagined or admitted.
Iím getting better at judging where the loaves are when proofing and baking, but I need more experience in the saddle.

Baking a load of SD boules in the WFO wonít be tough, getting it right, however, is going to be a real challenge. Next batch Iíll up the water and see what that does to the crumb and manageability although Iím up at 80% by the time I calculate all of the water and flour in the starter and final dough, so it may speak volumes about the final proofing needing more time. I already have a batch in the fridge waiting to be shaped, proofed and baked, so I'll experiment with 30 minutes more of proofing and see where that takes it.

Time in the saddle..

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Ramping up for a load of SD Boules.-nomonkeywrenches.jpg  

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