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Default Re: Ook Ook

I wanna discuss doughs but don't wanna start a new thread, so I'm hijacking my own thread.

I've been building on the basic dough recipe for a while now.
I'm now on version 4, I think.

So far I have:
Pizza - 1kg flour, 600-650 mLs water, 4 tsp salt, 1 tsp yeast.

OOK OOK - l kg flour, 700 mLs water, 4 tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp yeast.
(I reckon I accidentally doubled up the sugar when I first listed the recipe - doesn't matter much the yeast eats the sugar anyway.)

Bread - 1 kg flour, 650-700 mLs water, 4tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 50g softened butter, 1 tsp yeast.

Sourdough - 1 kg flour, 600-650 mLs water, 4 tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 50g softened butter, 50mLs starter.

Essentially, I take the basic pizza dough recipe and add some sugar to get some more rise when I want to make ook ook. No added oil because there is plenty of that added later.

For bread its the ook ook recipe with some butter added.

For sourdough its the bread recipe with starter instead of yeast.
The water isn't consistent because I use different flours so different water amounts to get the same consistency of dough.

The starter:
I took a couple tablespoons each of water and flour, with a couple teaspoons of sugar. I whisked in a half teaspoon of my normal yeast with a fork.
Left it uncovered on the kitchen counter to ferment. Naturally it smelled and behaved like normal.
Next day I poured some off and added some more water and some more flour, whisking it to about the consistency of a thick batter. Smelled like ordinary dough.
About the third day, the starter started to smell like I was making beer, and the batter became very frothy shortly after I fed it with flour and water.
Next day it smelled decidedly off and I nearly threw it out. But I decided to persevere and poured some out and fed it. It frothed up pretty much straight away. Next day it smelled like brewing beer again and frothed up when I fed it.
So I risked making the first sourdough bread effort. I used 50 mls of the freshly fed, frothed up starter in place of yeast in a bread dough.
I intended to bulk ferment it slowly in the fridge for 2 or 3 days, but the next day it tried to climb out of the bowl in the fridge so I lit the oven and baked the bread.

It rose as good as any other bread I made, and had a distinctly sour smell and taste. Not bad or overpowering smell, but definitely different to my usual bread.

So what, what do the bread makers on the forum think has been happening here?
Is the distinctly different taste just because my commercial yeast I started with tastes different after days of reproducing itself, or have wild organisms colonised my starter? i.e. is it a stale culture of my normal yeast or a real sourdough?

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