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egalecki 03-10-2011 12:38 PM

I'm back!
My job's gone belly up (this is not actually a bad thing at this point) and I can't wait to get started baking again!

If the rain will ever stop, that is...

Going to pull out my sourdough and see if it's gross or not. If so, I still have some dried in the freezer. I'm sure I'll have to get my "bread legs" back- I literally haven't baked anything in months. I have a backlog of spent grain in packages in the freezer and some new bannetons to use!

DH (otherwise known as Wilson) is talking about brewing again, so I should get on with using up my current stash. He went through a long hiatus when he was hit by a truck while riding his bike. It's good that he's feeling up to brewing again.

Faith In Virginia 03-10-2011 03:39 PM

Re: I'm back!
My job went belly up as well ( well I'm quitting or shutting the doors how ever you want to put it). It's official today I need to find a new line of work. Fast before what money I have runs out.

I see your in Virginia I'm in the SW how about you?

I've had one of those earth shaking days so perhaps working with my sourdough would cheer me up.

Happy baking!

egalecki 03-10-2011 07:15 PM

Re: I'm back!
Also in SWVA. Sorry you're having to hurry for another job- it's always harder to feel like you're making a good decision when you feel pressed. I'm just fortunate that I don't have to work right now.

I find that baking always makes me feel better- I've been so stressed while I was working and so short of time that I let it go. That was a mistake. I should have found time to do at least a little. Not only have we eaten a fair amount of very mediocre bread, I missed the feel of dough in my hands and the smell of homemade bread baking!

Faith In Virginia 03-10-2011 09:13 PM

Re: I'm back!
egalecki, I sent you a private message.

nissanneill 03-11-2011 02:58 AM

Re: I'm back!
Welcome back Elizabeth, good to see you back on deck!
My job also went belly up, well at least the school was moved to right across town, over an hours traveling during peak time as well, so I spat the dummy and went for a package.
Got a worthwhile sum out of the govt which I stashed away, got bored in semi retirement so started up a home handyman business and have 2 months fully booked up work at present.
So, what seems a bit of a disaster at present can open up new and challenging opportunities around the corner.


texassourdough 03-11-2011 06:20 AM

Re: I'm back!
Good to have you back Elizabeth. We will look forward to hearing of your adventures in and around the oven.

Be well!

Wiley 03-11-2011 03:26 PM

Re: I'm back!
Yes, Good to have you back.

And soon it will be time to start the garden again!


egalecki 03-11-2011 04:13 PM

Re: I'm back!
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As for the garden- I can't wait. I had a great garden last summer- I canned 100 pints of salsa and lost track of the pints and quarts of sauce, plain tomatoes and crushed. I got a bit happy with the transplants (um 20 plants makes a LOT of product!)

Some of the bounty:

Les 03-11-2011 06:31 PM

Re: I'm back!
Hey Girl! Welcome back. How is your starter? I lost mine last month. The settings on our outside fridge got tweaked and froze it solid. I was thinking of giving it a try to live but decided to start over. Great to have you back on the forum - your insight on baking has always been appreciated. Tell Wilson hi!


egalecki 03-11-2011 07:41 PM

Re: I'm back!
I fed the starter earlier- it didn't smell too bad, so I'll give it a whack. If it just lies there, I have some dried frozen. (learned my lesson last time!)

I have some dough going right now- sort of a modified no-knead recipe with bread and ww flours, and oat bran and flaxseed. We'll see how it bakes up tomorrow. I got the oven dried out today- it actually took longer to get the wood dried out than the oven, I swear. We've had lots of rain in the past couple of weeks, after almost none for better than a month.

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