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Default Re: Bread Proofing

On that note - what is the recommended proofing time for a batch of pizza dough (bulk) when done in a proofing chamber i.e. under controlled conditions?

The reason I ask is that I proofed some yesterday at 35C for 90 minutes and the dough was overproofed and had thin spots and was very puffy.
/ Rossco
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Default Re: Bread Proofing

Hi Rossco!

I don't think there is so much a magic "preferred" proofing time other than what is appropriate for the yeast level. That said, I think the best process (from my experience) is to try to get the yeast level to a fully active well populated yeast population during the bulk fermentation. The time for that would be highly variable as a function of the dosing of yeast in the final dough and the bulk fermentation temperature.

Once we achieve the robust yeast population one would form loaves and to my thinking the final proof could/should be relatively fixed in duration. But there are always variables so it is never fixed.

At SFBI they vary final proofing time as function of dough development. More developed doughs are given shorter bulk, and longer final proofs in order to give the dough more time to relax (and give a more open crumb). Less developed doughs are given longer in bulk and shorter in final for they are not as "tight".

The whole topic of proofing is, in my mnd, a bit magical and elusive in character.

Be Well!
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Default Re: Bread Proofing

I can see where humidity would make a difference with respect to "skin". That makes sense. I have never made any attempt to raise humidity while proofing, but we are only about six miles from the ocean and our average humidity is around sixty percent.

Thanks for the info gentlemen.

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Default Re: Bread Proofing

commercially a bread proofer will run at 35 centigrade and 85% humidity.

heating a domestic oven to the lowest posibal temperature about 40C and putting a dish of hot water in the oven and turning the oven off will give reasonable results.
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