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james 02-14-2006 01:44 PM

Bread Baking Photos
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I used the poolish method outlined in both The Bread Baker's Apprentice and the Hamelman Bread Book. I made two batches, one 1/2 Tipo 00 (because I had it) and 1/2 King Arthur white whole wheat and one 3/4 King Arthur whole wheat and 1/4 white whole wheat. I started the poolish the night before, so it fermmented slowly for about 16 hours. I added the final flour, salt and yeast (for the white) and molassas, oil and honey for the whole wheat by hand and kneaded on the counter.

The poolish pre-ferment, where you mix all the water and about half the flour with a pinch of yeast to let it ferment slowly to develop the gluton and give the bread flavor worked very well. I've been lazy and skipping that step, but it really adds so much.

I am building a bread section on the Forno Bravo web site, and will post when that is ready.

Here are the pre-ferment and shaping photos.

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