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james 12-12-2006 06:54 AM

Baguette videos
Here are two more. This becoming quite a collection:


CanuckJim 12-12-2006 09:11 AM

Baguette Videos

The dough shown here will be described in the upcoming bread baking section, but I thought to anticipate a few questions here. This is a lean French bread dough made with pate fermentee, so it shapes easily and well. It's important to use the dough cutter like a pincer, not a saw, so the dough is not deflated. The cut pieces are turned over and a sort of valley made down the center, so that when the two edges are pinched together the tops of the loaves have sufficient surface tension for a proper rise. The floured cloth is called a couche, and the folds form walls so the dough rises upwards, rather than spreads outwards. The finished baguette are shown, among other breads, in the Bake Day picture in the Gallery.

Working on the sound issue, guys, honest.


redbricknick 12-12-2006 01:34 PM

need some sound advice.
Where do I send the mp3 files guys?

james 12-12-2006 02:05 PM

Nick, you can send them to me ( Thanks!

I think Jim and I have a digital camcorder (with mic) on our Xmas list, which will get us back into the talkies.


james 12-12-2006 02:07 PM

One more thing
Voiceover aside, don't you think Jim's videos are just great? I am learning just as I publish them. Excellent.
Thanks Jim!

Richard 12-12-2006 04:47 PM

Thanks to both of you for providing these instrcutional videos. May be enough for me to go out and get a spiral mixer.

CanuckJim 12-12-2006 07:50 PM


Thanks for the comments. I'm touched, and I mean that. I'll keep them coming if they're helpful, and it seems they are. Just want to get the quality up, but, for me, a still camera guy, the learning curve is somewhat steep. I'd be more than pleased to field questions about these silent versions. Next up will be forming rolls, though the surface tension mantra remains the same.

Perhaps there might be some requests for specific and problematic techniques? I could try to address those if the need arises.

Actually, this is fun for me. I really like the hands on part, mortar to dough.


james 12-13-2006 12:47 AM

Mixing wet dough by hand
How about something on mixing wet dough by hand. What's the best way to keep it from sticking, without adding too much flour back into the dough -- where it gets too stiff?

CanuckJim 03-26-2007 08:10 AM

Re: Baguette videos

Missed this post from you. I'll add a mixing wet dough video to the list. Have you seen the general intro piece Wendy and I made? Not sure about the sound quality, but maybe it can be bumped or cleaned or something by somebody like Nick.


james 03-26-2007 08:15 AM

Re: Baguette videos
After editing the cookbook, I can't see anything. :eek: My eyes are swimming around.

The last video I rec'd from you was on 2/18. Is there a new video I have missed?

btw -- your technique on mixing wet dough in the bowl before kneading was perfect.

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