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heliman 12-14-2013 04:54 PM

Baguette Recipe
After a serious few hours splitting well seasoned wood yesterday, I ran a couple of test pizzas through the WFO and decided to make a couple of baguettes to test my 290C heated oven from yesterday.

Recipe for those who may want to give it a go (round off as necessary):

Item -- Weight(g) -- %
Flour -- 295.9 -- 100.0%
Water -- 192.3 -- 65.0%
Salt -- 5.9 -- 2.0%
Yeast -- 5.9 -- 2.0%

Combine all ingredients using mixer. Cover and proof on bench for 90 mins. Shape as per video, proof after shaping for 1 hour. Slash with blade.
Bake in 290C oven for 20-30 mins. Add ice blocks/water to oven for additional steam for spring and crispness.

Video: Traditional French Baguettes on Vimeo

Adapted from The Fresh Loaf recipe.


kkgator 12-15-2013 04:16 AM

Re: Baguette Recipe
Thanks for the recipe! I'll give it a go. I am just starting to bake bread in my oven & was looking for an easy recipe. I guess "easy" is subjective. I have the FB Bread baking file and was going to start with the Whole Wheat Loaf first and then make my way towards baguettes. I need to work on my oven door first.

heliman 12-15-2013 07:06 AM

Re: Baguette Recipe
Good luck with your baking.

I made 6 loaves today and all came out very well. It may be worth tweaking the recipe a bit in terms of the the hydration. I upped mine a bit to mirror the consistency of the dough in the video.

CapeFearHydroGardens 12-15-2013 08:54 AM

Re: Baguette Recipe
nice job. recipe looks good.

SableSprings 12-15-2013 12:34 PM

Re: Baguette Recipe
4 Attachment(s)
Here's another baguette formula (attached as a pdf for 6 baguettes) that uses both a levain and a poolish component. (My sourdough is named Chef Bill - pun intended. Note that in doing the levain, I always make sure Bill is active before proceeding.)

I make between 12-18 baguettes with this formula every Friday I'm home and it hasn't failed me yet. I purchase the pale (6-row) malt grain at a brewery supply and run it through my spice grinder to produce a nice flour texture. Although some folks think the enzymes provided by the malt grains are overkill, I really think they add a nice dimension of flavor to the finished product. Frankly, I've started adding it to all my breads for that reason. My base flour is Harvest King (the 50# sack name for Gold Medal, Better for Bread flour). Hope the pdf of my spreadsheet makes sense...

CapeFearHydroGardens 12-15-2013 01:02 PM

Re: Baguette Recipe
i am getting concerned that none of my postings or even the reply s are being posted at all.

SableSprings 12-16-2013 11:57 AM

Re: Baguette Recipe

Originally Posted by CapeFearHydroGardens (Post 166844)
i am getting concerned that none of my postings or even the reply s are being posted at all.

CapeFearHG, your duplicate threads (one in "Hearth & flatbreads" and one in "What I cooked last night") both posted fine. I'm a little unclear about your concern...relax, not every posting or thread gets an immediate response or member following.

Sorry for the thread hijack, Heliman

CapeFearHydroGardens 12-16-2013 04:06 PM

Re: Baguette Recipe
i was merely concerned because when i clicked on my own name it still said i have zero postings. I am glad to know it worked that's all:) I am on another forum and it seems that that forum is completely dead so my concern was that this is an old forum that has run it course so to speak. i am very glad to know it is alive and well. I have learned a lot from this forum and i wished to contribute to sort of pay it forward so to speak. thanks for replying

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