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james 06-06-2007 12:29 AM

Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book
The Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book is done (yes, I survived Carrie and Jim's editing), and I would like to have a couple of extra sets of eyes look at it before we publish it in the FB Store.

If you would be interested in taking a look at it and getting me comments, send me an email. Because of file size limitations, I think it would be best for me to email you the PDF file, rather than the editable .doc file.

We are looking for input on the writing, typos, and layout, and also making sure we have hit all of the topics you want.

I am planning on posting it late Thurs. PM euro time, so this will go pretty quickly. Also, I will be planning on making another round of improvements right after it is first published on the FB Store.


james 06-07-2007 09:04 AM

Re: Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book
Thanks to everybody who has read the Pizza e-Book, and for all your input. I think I have been able to fix just about everything, and I have even been able to add more content based on your questions. Thanks!

I think there are a couple of readers still out there, and I wanted to let you know that I was hoping to post the plans tonight our time. If you want to get me your comments that would be great. Equally, there will be a Ver 1.1 which will come out very quickly -- catching suggestions and fixes from a wider audience. So, you have a choice.

I will let everyone know when the e-Book is available for download.

james 06-07-2007 02:27 PM

Re: Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book
OK. I think we are ready to go. The e-Book is ready to be downloaded. Let me know what you think. You can find it here:


CanuckJim 06-07-2007 04:20 PM

Re: Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book

I'm stealing a march here to say WELL DONE. The pdf looks grand, the photos are sharp as a lame and the additions you made from the version I looked at previously are very helpful. As well, the download procedure was very slick, easy and fast. Haven't had a chance to peruse at leisure, but I'll use my copious free time for that.

All Forum members, and pizza techs everywhere, owe you a vote of thanks.



billrd 06-08-2007 02:47 PM

Re: Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book
Congratulations to you and the team for another superb production. Just when I thought I had read most of what there was to read about pizza I find this new e-book is full of facts, ideas and hints I didn't know.
Very, very well done.

Dutchoven 06-08-2007 03:54 PM

Re: Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book
I have to add my kudos as well. Great information on virtually everything about pizza. Highly recommend this to all whether you are experienced or not.
With many thanks for everything and everyone from this forum!
All the best!

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