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jjerrier 02-26-2006 12:51 PM

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine - Pizza Cover
Don't know if anyone ever gets to fly Southwest Airlines, but their February cover story was all about Pizza...they had the top 10 places listed and described. Pizzeria Bianco was on the list. I forgot to grab a copy when I got off the plane - but I think ou can google Spirit Magazine and it may be online.


Marcel 02-27-2006 07:13 AM

Back issues of Spirit Mag. are available for $5.oo
(M) I searched for the article on Pizza and found it to be available via the following URL at a cost of $5.oo:



Marcel 03-08-2006 07:37 AM

S.W. Airlines sent me the Pizza issue Magazine
(M) Yesterday I got the Feb. edition of Spirit Mag. from SW Airlines for free and read the article. The "review" seems to be by just one person who writes well and admits to it's subjectivity. Most of the 10 places reviewed emphasize simplicity in toppings and the smoky unique flavor of a wood fired oven.

(M) There were a few however that were described as being generous in their toppings. I'm among the "purists" so I'd lean toward an "official" Neapolitan pizza although I may use one extra ingredient. I would prefer tomato sauce, E.V.Olive Oil, Mozzarella with some additional stronger cheese such as Granna or a Reggiano Parmesan, Fresh Basil, and Garlic. It seems that pizza, in the U.S. at least, is an evolving "pastry" and that there is no "right" or "perfect" pizza. But for those of us who have built brick ovens, it seems appropriate that we at least try a pizza that emphasizes the virtues of a hearth baked crust and doesn't smother those delicate flavors with a heavy topping.

(M) Since we all live in different corners of the U.S., and even the world, I won't quote the 10 specific references as it is unlikely that any one listing would be close to where you live.



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