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Originally Posted by james
Do you find yourself thinking about the type of dough, or pizza, you want for a different group of party guests?
Actually yes When I have company, I go with a lower hydration dough and no Caputo flour so I can make a good dough ball that I can throw and roll out without having to mess with it. For me or family, I always use Caputo and high hydration.

Originally Posted by maver
Mikeyr, I'm trying to follow what makes your pizza unworkeable at the high hydration.
I am used to dough that I can work with and throw, etc. when I first started using Caputo at high hydration, I was putting holes in the dough as I spread the dough out. It also was getting stuck a lot on my hands and board and I was using way more flour than I was used to, then it stuck to my peel too. I solved all that with extra flour. I have adjusted and can make a great pizza with Caputo but I find that I have to be extra careful to not put holes in it and work a little harder to get a nice thin crust, for me only, no problem but when i have company its not as quick and I don't use it. High hydration is just not easy to work with, worth the work but not easy. When I first started this thread, my hydration was so high I felt I could use a paint brush to put the dough on the peel, yes that is a exageration but its very different.

Either way, I highly recommend the Caputo flour, nothing has tasted even close.

50-50 did not work but I will be trying 75-25 tomorrow with KA flour, I have not tried (ever) pastry flour, guess I need to go buy some and try that also.

...Life without Pizza is no life at all...
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Mikeyr, this has been posted here before, this is a great demo of how to use a high hydration dough quickly. I don't flip anywhere near as long, maybe only takes me 5 seconds of flipping to get to 12-14". Hope the link works.


If it fails, look up Il Pizzaiolo Pazzo on YouTube.
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