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Puy de Dome 06-19-2009 11:03 PM

How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
Yesterday was one insane wall to wall day of preparation for the party. These dough balls are a part of that preparation. How do they look? They are before-and-after type comparisons.



As you can see, they balls have been rising overnight in the fridge. Some to the point of overflowing.

I have used three different type 00 flours, and with different levels of hydration according to how I felt the dough was responding at mixing time.

The balls were made about nineteen hours before they are due to shaped and baked in the wfo. I'm planning on taking them out of the fridge two hours before cooking time. Does this sound about right?

Thanks all.


Wiley 06-19-2009 11:34 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
Guy, I do mine differently. What recipe and procedure are you following?

I'm not saying you are doing anything wrong, just different from what I do. If I'm doing an overnight I do it as a bulk batch and then divide and shape for final rise about two hours before expected use. And at party's end I have found that for me I have better luck turning any extra balls into calzones whch are then refrigerated for the following days consumption rather than trying to freeze them.

Have a great time with the party!

Puy de Dome 06-19-2009 11:45 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)

I'm using James' perfect pizza recipe, only adjusting the hydration. I'm keeping the same rate of yeast and flour.

I certainly have run up against the problem of storage in the fridge - not sure how I could hold such a large amount of dough, that explains the tray of dough.

I know overnighting the dough doesn't stop ferment, only slows it down, but I am surprised the dough has expanded this much. I turned the fridge temperature down for this as well!

Hey ho, there's no going back now - six hours to blast off.

texassourdough 06-20-2009 07:55 AM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
I find that when I use KA AP flour it is okay to leave the ball formation to the 2 hour to bake point but bread flour and 00 in my experience don't like that. They prefer to be shaped early and to relax until use. 00 in particular seems to never be the same if it is handled excessively toward the end. It will, in my experience, always be tougher. Not necessarily a bad think - depends on the mouth feel you want.

Good luck Tim!

Puy de Dome 06-22-2009 01:20 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
Well, it was quite a day! Not sure I need that kind of stress, but there ya go.

Just to say that after several hours had passed that the dough was expanding and expanding and getting more unusable. Also a fairly thick skin had developed on the outside making things tough to use.

BUt,, pizzas we made, after a fashion, and we had a great day.

texassourdough 06-22-2009 01:53 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
I find that I prefer separately bagged balls. That way I can keep them zipped up and not have the skin form which can be a bit of a problem on a hot, dry day over several hours.

Glad to hear your survived! First parties are always "interesting". With practice and experience you will get faster and more efficient.

I typically do most of my toppings from scratch (including making my own mozz) so being prepared to do six or eight different pizzas takes some time and makes pizza days pretty crazy. BIG parties are always a challenge!

Downstressing with a glass of wine or two (or more) is highly recommended! :o)

MAVANO 06-22-2009 02:19 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
Hey Tex. how do you make mozz? any recp.

texassourdough 06-22-2009 03:38 PM

Re: How do my dough balls look? (pictures)
Hi Mavano!

The easiest way is to buy Polly-O mozzarella curds which are often available in areas with lots of Italians and I think Chicago qualifies so you should have no problems. I put a long discussion of this up a month ago under the topic Making Mozz. A quick search using me as the author and curd or mozzarella in the key words will find it fast!

It's definitely worth the effort. And you can make mozzarella logs by making a sheet of mozz and rolling up pesto or salami or...whatever. Well worthwhile!

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