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james 03-30-2007 01:14 AM

Gentlemen, start your engines
I'm feeling brave and ready to tackle the Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book (or probably just naive). This should be quite an adventure. Just think about the ground we get to cover. Flour, dough, pizza styles, toppings, technique, oven management, recipes. It should be fun.

Send me you thoughts, recipes and lots of photos, and I will get started next week. I can't even guess how long it's going to take, but I'm sure we'll get there. Mary Karlin has already send me a couple of things, and I have Maver's excellent potato pizza.

Also, take lots of photos and make your favorite pizzas the next time you fire your oven.

Behind Wood-Fired Pizza, we are also going to do a Pizza Stone Pizza e-Book. Think about that as well.

Here we go.

dmun 03-30-2007 06:03 AM

Re: Gentlemen, start your engines
Brave is right: why not write an e-book about religion or politics, where opinions are carefully thought out, and reasonably discussed?

No, best of luck. I've been amazed here, by the lack of hair-pulling and CAPS_TYPING that happens on other sites.

CanuckJim 03-30-2007 07:00 AM

Re: Gentlemen, start your engines

Just a thought, but will there be enough material to make a separate pizza stone book? My initial feeling is that it would made a good, solid section of the general pizza book. As always, I'd be glad to offer my two editorial cents on this one, too.

Maybe we could convince the video literate out there (Nick:D ) to shoot some demo clips on forming and cooking to go with it. I'd just love to hear that mobster voice over again:p .


james 03-30-2007 07:26 AM

Re: Gentlemen, start your engines
Religion and politics pale when compared with pizza -- and who said reasonable has anything to do with it. :-)

I greatly appreciate the lack of !!!_CAPS in our group. Those things take away the fun. Just an aside, my wife was reading a travel forum the other day, and someone posted saying they wanted to go to Cinque Terra for two days, and what should they see -- and someone yelled at them, saying if they were stupid enough to think they could see everything in two days, they shouldn't go at all. Ouch.

Johnny L is a serious photographer, and we've been talking about doing some pizza stone specific things. He's up for it. We'll see if the content fills in a whole book -- but the pix are going to look great.

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